All American

And he said…
“I’ve traveled through 47 states
We stopped in Nebraska
I was there for 5 days
And my friend
She had to have an abortion
And people there are against it
And we called the doctor
Planned Parenthood
And he gave her an appointment for
Three in the morning
Like we were in the middle east
And I wonder,
Can you tell me?
Which is the real America?
Is that the real America?”

I told him
It’s all America

The Earth Calls Up through the Sidewalks!!

There’s something so powerful about the Burning Man experience that it continues to affect my life almost daily. And it happens in the little things we take for granted sometimes, like what to wear when we go out, or how to interact with your neighbors or people you see on the streets. There’s something about setting up a temporary city that gives you a sense of the earth underneath you and an appreciation of the space you are occupying.

I’m feeling all this just standing on the corner waiting for the bus in San Francisco. And part of it was seeing a girl across the street with flaming cherry-red hair and Doc Martins with British flags on them. About taking care and/or pride in the way you show up for the world. To add something to the world rather than just try to suck off it all day long, or worse, to just “get by.”

I love the idea of getting excited just standing on a street corner, thinking, fuck-yeah, this is OUR city! We are making this! Having a sense of ownership, of amazement in the beauty we are greeted with when we walk out the door every morning, with the kaleidoscope of people we get to interact with.

Of just getting rid of the emptiness, apathy, boredom, ho-hum attitude that eats our souls until we are walking zombies, excited only by BART shootings and world series championships. Routine steals passion. Life without passion is like life in prison, except that YOU are holding the keys. ;-)


I’m feeling so blessed to have my cousin visiting this week. It was so gorgeous out today, normally I would have just stayed in, but instead we went across the Golden Gate Bridge, down to Baker Beach (I hadn’t been in 5+ years) and drove down the Great Highway. The views were absolutely stunning, esp. of the vast shimmering ocean water with sailboats from the bridge. Air temperature was perfection, with just a slight humid sea breeze.

Watching her reactions to things helped me appreciate the city all over again. For example, wondering what all the overhead lines were for (electric bus power lines). Stuff I see daily but don’t register as being unique anymore! I imagine this is what raising children must be like. Getting to experience the fun all over again, deepening and enriching your own experience.

On another note, I also have to say that giving up my habit of implied or forced monogamy has made me infinitely happier than I have ever been in my relationships. I’m much less a head case and just enjoying the (slow) process of getting to know my boy friends as time goes on. It really wasn’t serving me to commit to relationships that weren’t first grounded in friendship, trust, time, and experience. And this way I get to taste more flavors before settling, a priceless bonus that I am madly enjoying. Guess 30s really is prime time, haha.

Mixed Up

Nixie, nixie
Colored blocks
Clouds condense and spill their guts
Building up for grand release
Running faster than time works
Learn to dance when music plays
Raining money, laughing loud

Resistance to Socialism

Ideas about socialism are likely not going to come from the country folk. Resistance to socialism is what one is more likely to encounter. Cities are where socialism is needed most. So many people packed closely together spurns the NEED for public transportation, shared resources such as libraries, firehouses, schools, airports, etc.

If you think about how the western US was populated, it took a brave and independent mindset to move into the new land, start a homestead, defend your family, fend against wild animals, find food, fix the wagon, and deal with natives. When you do something huge on your own, it can become a source of pride that is passed down generationally: “We are independent.” Farmers and ranchers are extremely self-sufficient.

So don’t expect rural Americans to whole-heartedly jump on board with social-minded global or local initiatives. We are quickly becoming an interdependent global economy, and we need skills to work together better NOW.

The western migration may also help explain some of America’s “Jump the nest at 18” mindset. Unfortunately, we are finding that the “fend for yourself” attitude is not much conducive to happy marriages (divorce rates) nor social enterprise (the rate of failure in small businesses).

There’s probably a better way. Challenge the attitudes your family’s multi-generations have held to see if they still apply!

Happy Girl

I’m grinning ear to ear
Sex: the final vast frontier
Getting in the habit
Of doing what I want
Getting clear on what I need
Sitting deeply in my fears
Talking out what makes me timid
Reeling from the years of always
Denying what I feel
In favor of what would be right
Letting others make my choices
So I didn’t have to think
Now I stand on my two feet
Feeling happy, free, and proud

God after Science

We need a new prophet to show us God after science
So many people now just can’t relate
To a ruler, a Lord, a man, a king
Something peering down from the heavens

We need a new concept
Because God is just Love
And Love is biological
It sustains our life on Earth

And the people need to see
How forgiveness is efficient
And kindness calms the masses
And how the meek and small win hearts

And why the way to Love is a path that is difficult to tread
And that the rewards are worth the discipline
‘Cause Inner peace brings health and life

And you’re punished not in brimstone
But in your minds and in your guts
And in the ways the world will treat you
When you choose to harm yourself

There are way too many empty seats
In churches ’round the country
We need language we relate to
So that all can sing to God

Step Toward Your Dreams

If yesterday had a theme, it would be that passivity and lack of goals/focus gets you nowhere. Met a young woman working as an airport cafe cashier who said she tried college but hated it. I probed a bit and the root was that she didn’t really have something to aim for, just taking general classes. Of course she hated it! She was so beautiful and sweet and clearly just needed a reason to succeed at something.

I also had a great chat with my cousin about the same theme. It’s something I think is really missing in our society: guidance for the middle 80 percent of students who have no idea what to apply their passion and energy toward.

I had a long history of achievement and confidence when I graduated high school, so in college I was motivated by pride and also poverty (wanting to create a better life than I was handed). I pursued a degree with the most immediate and highest payout (short of gambling!).

This passivity that many students bring to college infects everything else: political involvement, relationships, everything.

The easiest way to start overcoming this is to start getting on top of your small everyday accomplishments. Make a list of everything you’ve been putting off and do one of them. The feeling of accomplishment is powerful and leads to more positive actions in the direction of your dreams.