The policeman shines a light in my window
I retrieve my glasses to gaze
The sleepy full moon yawns at me
I instinctively yawn back

The sun set orange and blue
Against the hills of red and green
It was a colorbath so soothing
For this weary traveler's eyes

The horizons stretching wider
Than I ever thought they could
My heart grows to fill the spaces
What can I dream tonight?

The End and the Beginning (365/365)

It's the end and the beginning
Loss and thrill rolled into one
Cycles weaving through each other
The time has finally come
No more looking back, just forward
To the blisses, come what may
Feast on the universe
Dance through darkness
Stride with pride through each new day

Bleeding Heart (363/365)

The truth of it is you loved me
But not enough to give an inch

The truth of it is, that hurts
That you could love me less than completely, short of forever, with half of your heart, and say that you care

It makes me sick
And I feel sorry
You'll never know
Just what you lost

Negotiating love
It's a tough business
But your heart's gotta be on the table

Which Tongue (360/365)

Would that I could see with the eyes of God
Gazing out over infinity
Maybe then I would know the right words to say
To get what I need from you
When you speak with Time's tongue
The words land more gentle
My instinct is fear
And speaking in arrows
The question is clear
How long will I love him?
The answer is sealed with each crafted word

Informed by Freedom (359/365)

What feels most freeing
Or least constricting?

What opens doors
And what burns bridges

What gives you options
And what makes you stuck

What makes your heart grow
And what shuts you down

What gives them wings
And what weighs them down

Follow your bliss on that yellow brick road
Do it with courage, brains, and flow