Once Black and White

Your beats weave through me
As the wind licks my skin
I close my eyes
And the memories start dancing
Like the way he looked at me
And the times I’ve been loved
And how it’s always changing
Like a good house track
So I savor this moment
With his hand in my hand
Because at 4:16
He’s ending the song
Then I’ll swim in the terror
Of the void of his love
But this time we’ll talk
And he’ll pull at my chain
And remind me the story
I’ve told to myself
About how good it feels
To do just as they said
And I’ll remember the purity
Of the days of my youth
When there was just one man
In my future for sure
Before I learned how to give
Of myself to another
Before I learned to take care of myself in the mix
Before my family tree sprouted six rogue branches
And the colors took over
What was once black and white

Give Me More!

I’m having some feelings tonight that my only regrets in life will be that I did not laugh with enough people, ask enough questions, care enough, massage enough tight muscles, make love enough, or savor enough wonderful foods, drinks, herbs, and landscapes.

The more I receive the more I crave. Life is good.


Most of the action
Takes place in our brains
We forget we are animals
Flesh, blood, muscles, oxygen

The bodies suffer
Fat, weak, slow, dying

Unless you’re ready
To be a disembodied head
I suggest living more
Like the raw beast nature intended

Heart Quality

How does your heart feel?
Heavy with fog?
Locked down in chains?
Did you forget the feeling of flying free?
The magic is in your wizardry
Wave a wand in your mind
And you can create
A softness, the temperature
That would make your heart happy
Dismiss anyone
Who messes with the switch
Erase the thoughts
That produce the chemicals
That invade the heart
Demean the spirit
Make you feel anything other than
Safe, powerful, bright, and loving

Planting Organic Seeds

Perhaps symbolically, all the leaves have fallen off my money tree so I’m pruning it and growing it again from nothing!

I really enjoyed a coaching session tonight with an entrepreneur in the organic farming field. Sharing about what I’ve been through helps me reaffirm the life choices I’m making now around money and my life’s work.

My business card has officially gotten out of control. I think I should just come up with a general title (name?) and link to one website or something that in turn lists everything else I do. The font is getting too small to list the emails and websites for everything from hike tours to small business coaching, pre-paid legal, sfsu coach, massage therapy, and soon-to-be certified astrologer. Goodness. Oops, I forgot yoga teacher. I get to observe my first in-jail yoga class for violent offenders next week before I begin teaching again.

My ambition to become more connected with family, community, and world is slowly but surely actualizing. I am enjoying feelings of expansion, resourcefulness, and service to others, as well as the pleasure of receiving the universe’s gifts. I am being moved by pleasure first, common sense second. Really open to what might be needed around me, and learning a lot.

Tired now, more to come…

Thanks for Coming

A pilot
Ja fei ji
The sun’s synergy
A tee shirt
These earrings
More Aries in love
I saw them
While dancing
We finally meet
The most powerful sign
In chaos we thrive
I kiss them goodbye
My long lost friends
Thanks everyone
For enjoying my party

Go to Sleep

Mythological madness
A grape walked by
Took a scissor to the whizzer
Why did God create us so?
Maniacal meltdown
Every crazy thing you said
Blooms so beautifully
Time for a catfight
Poised for success
I took my wishes to the well
Memorizing magic
I threw them all away
Zip up your lip up
It’s impossible to believe
It’s true about the magnets
We like to think we’re special

Purify Me

You have the ability to remain calm
You have the ability to respond with respect
You have the ability to smile at the absurdity
You have the ability to summon great powers

If you choose to accept these gifts
You’ll be granted a peace
That requires no wisdom
A following
To make a rock star blush
A grace
That dances night and day

For deep within all
Is the knowledge
That distinctions are false
Disagreements are hailstorms
Communications ease fears

‘Cause these brains, rapid thoughts
Create dissonant waves
Bubbles of distraction
Illusions of safety
That keep us forgetting our faith and reliance

On the ever-present rhythms
Of the world that spins us
The sun that warms us
The universe that incubates us
The energy that binds us

Yoga In the World

Kept myself in a tight box
For a long time
Now that I’m free of the walls
I can walk so far in any direction
Sometimes I lose track
Just testing the new limits
And wander back to center
Awed by the delights
I’ve found outside myself
That must also be found within
What a colorful life I’ve painted
Stretched beyond comfortable