If you’re not listening and dancing
It’s abuse
Your stomach knows when it needs food
Your children know when they need nourishment
And they’ll tell you if you’d listen
Mr. Jesus died holier than thou
ALL abuse will take you to hell
A deeply personal painful hell
Right here
Parallel to this life
Don’t you see it’s happening right now?
Karma doesn’t tally over the years and assess evil on a tipping scale
There are far too many deformed fetuses for that nonsense
We don’t live in a simple world
Where I sin and you’re forgiven
It’s a messy, messy ever-changing growth-fest
Without heavenly oversight
And if you wait for Armageddon or the rapture you’ll have missed the whole point
You’ve got to be willing to set the crutches aside and start putting pressure on that foot again
Because the way we treat ourselves and others has vast consequence
In an age of rapid replication
When one bad day can ripple across the internet, around the world
We’d best be learning to dance again
With ourselves first
Learn your own body, mind, tendencies
And learn to play well with others
Love smarter
Learn more
Be willing to see another perspective
So we can all dance

Pisces was a candy shop

Diving into the mystery of us
As we dance
A moment stretches into infinity
And I find myself
Deep within us
Entered a psychic tunnel
Dark and full of truth and intensity
I saw you there
For a split second
And it was so beautiful
I cried for having been a witness

KISS principle

Authentic and quiet
Self confidence is really
Confiding in the universe
But we are wired to predict
Adapt and change
Evolved to see threats
Where there are none
Constantly checking
One step ahead
It’s a trip being human
Busy anxious creatures
Meditation for a brain break
You know calculations only take you so far
There’s advanced mathematics running in the background of that operating system
It’s important to integrate
Logic and the supermind
The answers are simple
We’re good at complicating things
We don’t want to act on
The answers are simple because only then can action follow
And action is simpler still

Fast Thoughts

So how much acid do I have to drop
Before I decide the world would be better off
With sleeker computer screens,
Burning off that fruit juice?

Wears out the engine early
But it drives real fast.
Adam, I have an Apple,
Would you care to take a bite?

But I’m named Christina,
So unfortunately I’ll lack ambition
And love to eat meat.
That big brain,
Always overheating

Now! It’s time to fight (climate) change.
You can’t put an ROI on that.
Some things money can’t buy,
Like a perfect little planet
Where we consume with no consequences.

Yes CO2 is a threat,
But after that, an ice age.
We can’t stop all the machines from running.
They help us help each other
Dig deeper into cyberspace,
Where we can mine for coins for a bit,
Leave the material world behind.
Find that Unobtanium.

The earth doesn’t need us anyway.
She wanted all our thoughts,
And now she can aggregate them,
Keep them longer than they’ll do any good.
And here we thought aliens had bodies.

Hedonism might be dying.
We’re turning Japanese,
I really think so.
So you wanna Bonnie and Clyde through this life?
Or live to tell the story?



I want to experience life firsthand
Not through your filter
But I’m quick to provide you mine
A trait I don’t admire
An uncoachable coach
Your input is mostly unwelcome
It’s your example I enjoy
Keep it about you
I’m too sensual
Too driven
You’ll know when I need you
I’ll have tried everything
I’ll be exhausted
Until then
Do not trespass
Do not interrupt the one doing the thing
Perfection is not my end
I don’t want your cheap tricks
I suffer failure gladly
Maximize the lessons
Self-mastery is my game
It’s a game of solitaire

Rooted in Love

Glad to be me
In this glorious mystery
In the fractal that we are
One soul in many
Happy for blessings
Food, warmth, furry pets
Granted that peace
To accept what I can’t do
Freedom to plant love
In the little I can touch
Instead of sowing fear
Starting little and loving
Then as my desires to expand
Overtake me again
Things will go much better
Rooted in love