Actions (277/365)

It's complicated right now
Being squeezed by a cloud I can't see
While I am trying to expand
Am I moving too fast, or too slow for red rover?
Caffeine is toxic, my belly a fist
I'm really not stressed
But my list's getting longer
There are questions unanswered
Projects unfinished
And I don't want to rest

City Life (276/365)

Kundalini at the grocery store
Apologize no more
This is San Francisco after all
Sit back, enjoy the show
Never a dull moment here
The shops down Mission Street
Rich with stories of their owners
People I will never meet
So many footsteps crossing paths
Invisible on sidewalks wide
So many beings coexisting
Breathing heavy air seaside

Leader (271/365)

Who is going to step forward when their name is called?
Who will get off their high horse to be the bigger person?
It takes courage to see the world through another pair of eyes
To tolerate the hurt in others
Give them space so they can heal
It takes work to reach outside yourself
And take the hand of one who's fallen
The reward is in the vulnerability
The prize is the trust you gain
Trust is the land on which love is built
And love feeds the community