Resistance to Socialism

Ideas about socialism are likely not going to come from the country folk. Resistance to socialism is what one is more likely to encounter. Cities are where socialism is needed most. So many people packed closely together spurns the NEED for public transportation, shared resources such as libraries, firehouses, schools, airports, etc.

If you think about how the western US was populated, it took a brave and independent mindset to move into the new land, start a homestead, defend your family, fend against wild animals, find food, fix the wagon, and deal with natives. When you do something huge on your own, it can become a source of pride that is passed down generationally: “We are independent.” Farmers and ranchers are extremely self-sufficient.

So don’t expect rural Americans to whole-heartedly jump on board with social-minded global or local initiatives. We are quickly becoming an interdependent global economy, and we need skills to work together better NOW.

The western migration may also help explain some of America’s “Jump the nest at 18” mindset. Unfortunately, we are finding that the “fend for yourself” attitude is not much conducive to happy marriages (divorce rates) nor social enterprise (the rate of failure in small businesses).

There’s probably a better way. Challenge the attitudes your family’s multi-generations have held to see if they still apply!