Rage Game (244/365)

Have you ever watched yourself murder
In cold blood
With no remorse
And thirst for more
In the absence of God and love
Have you ever felt your face
Twist demonically
As you shoved a stranger
Felt your cheek grow numb in rage?
Have you ever stabbed someone
Then enjoyed
The quickening of your pulse
As you watched them struggle
Has rage infected you?

Only Human (243/365)

It's not that humans are basically good
That gives me hope
But that they're basically basic

We make people complex
With our words and gossip
When the truth is usually simple

Neither moved by evil
Nor compelled by good
A human acts human
In response to human needs

If you are still confused
There is no lazy
There is no stupid

There is only human

Seasick (239/365)

Blue faced clowns
With jester hats
Scratching at the door
Looking for flowers and grass and sunshine
But there's a leak and water's on the floor

A gun to the head of a faithful friend
Sometimes they just kill themselves
But if we are what they were
There's order in chaos
And comfort in order
So life marches on
In predictable succession
It all makes sense when they're gone

Then back to the bliss
Behind our brains, pull the curtains
And stop the show
And the sounds and color of black infinity
Silence the narration that rocks the boat