The Futility of War (36/365)

You shouldn’t watch war movies
Pumped up on testosterone
I’m too pretty
To feel like a destroyer
I fought my wars
The war at home
Then the war against
To prove I could conquer
I disciplined myself
I trained like a warrior
And lived on adrenaline
Until I couldn’t breathe
Without pain
Then I died to my war
And rose again
But for what?

Sensible (35/365)

You always know
When you’re trying too hard
Walk in a crowd
And you’ll learn what the fish know
Not how to blend in
Or be obedient
But how to efficiently
Use your power
How to leverage others
To get to where you want
Instead of always
Pushing others aside
And barging through
Like your pawn is the only piece
God is advancing today.

Try Again

Tap into the strength you had as a child. You are walking now because you fell down hundreds of times and you tried again. Everyone else was older than you, taller than you, but you thought you could do it too. And you did.

Hollywood Healthcare (34/365)

Kill the crazy ones
Kill the stupid ones
Kill the deformed ones
The healthy have to eat
Kill the unborn
Kill the old
Kill the sick
Murder by the State
They won’t live long anyway

Play the card game
The one where you choose
Between saving a mother
Or her child
Kill an innocent
To save 500
How do you feel?

No wonder Hillary
Got nowhere with her plans
Health is an issue of life and death
And now the state is more involved
No one wants to play God
Unless they’re a despot.

We gave you a chance to
See if you could do it better
But you killed people too
And took away my father’s toes
And made me pay for my yoga
And carrots grown without poisons.

Maybe that’s not so bad, the last part anyway. At least I have my freedom, at a price.

I welcome your criticism
The issue deserves utmost scrutiny
But caring for each other
Isn’t a holocaust waiting to happen
And neither is murder to save a life
When motivations are kept in check.

Come to think of it
We know we suck at keeping motivations in check.
Look at Iraq.

But despite our attempts at
Hollywood endings
And swallowing soft creamy words like
Physically Impaired
Mentally Challenged

There still exist
In our society

In a world abound with unlimited resources
We could all hold hands and let each one of our crazy lives unfold, unrestricted. That would be fair. No one wants to punish the innocent.

But sometimes hard choices have to be made
And not just by the state.
To have more children or not.
To keep dad on the ventilator or not.
Let’s not pretend this is going to be easy
When we all have skin in the game.

God Thoughts

An interesting quote I got today in an email from Mom:

“If God were small enough to be understood, He would not be big enough to be worshiped.”

~Evelyn Underhill

I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I will organize them later!

What do you think?

Rage (33/365)

I could burn metal with my glare
I’m riding on a thundercloud
With pain and lightning
In my fists
And I’m ready to strike
Make one false move
And I will rip you apart
With my rage
And expose your foolishness.
You will bow to my fury
And beg for forgiveness
I have suffered in silence
Far too long and look
What that has got me
I have proved my worth
And you will never again
Feel the warmth of my smile
Or eat the fruits of my efforts
Until you acknowledge
My strength and will.

The Greater Good (32/365)

“Do everything
As an instrument
In the hands of God”

When it’s all on me
I feel sick, doubtful, burdened
But when I do it for you
I feel confident, guided
Powerful and peaceful

“Be thankful for your limitations
They are about as limitless as they get in this life”

Your bones will crush
As you greedily chase your reward.
And your prize will be
A trophy buried in the closet.

Come out into the light
Let the universe
Whisper in your ear
And the stars will sing your praises