Long Day (338/365)

I could see how someone could get lost in the pages
Caught in the web
If I never went out
I would always find the words
Present the best me
With no one to test me
But I'm weak in this moment
I can't be there for you
I'm a sucker and a drain
I can feel my own weight
And I wanna be light
Don't want an easy way out
I'm just tired of myself
Guess what? I'm just tired.

Souls Rising (336/365)

She held my hair back
While I vomited, shaking
This happens every minute
Of every day
All over the world
We are all carriers
Of the diseases of our ancestors
Bless the patient souls
Who tend to the unfolding
Year after wretched year
With calmness and empathy
The painful evolution from
Misery to bliss

More Ready (334/365)

I’m sailing above the pink and purple clouds
And if it’s all an illusion I don’t care
Because I’ve known my whole life
How much power is within me
And if exposure means abuse
I’m strong enough now
I’m steady enough now
I’ve tested the universe and its laws are intact
This little light of mine
I’m gonna let it shine

Track & Field Hall of Fame Quotes

"If you have to choose between aggression and doubt over the next few days, choose aggression."
-Hall of fame inductee

"1. Be nice to the officials
2. Listen to your coach
3. Appreciate your support
4. Focus on the one thing you can control – your work ethic
5. Always stay positive and have fun. If you are not having fun, why are you doing it?"
-A.G. Kruger, Hall of fame inductee

Practice Gods (332/365)

We're only human
Pretending to be gods
There are thoughts that keep us focused
And there are impulses that keep us mired
And there are systems 'round the world
That take the focus off ourselves
Because when all I see is me and mine
I'm a black hole that scares them all away