The Earth Calls Up through the Sidewalks!!

There’s something so powerful about the Burning Man experience that it continues to affect my life almost daily. And it happens in the little things we take for granted sometimes, like what to wear when we go out, or how to interact with your neighbors or people you see on the streets. There’s something about setting up a temporary city that gives you a sense of the earth underneath you and an appreciation of the space you are occupying.

I’m feeling all this just standing on the corner waiting for the bus in San Francisco. And part of it was seeing a girl across the street with flaming cherry-red hair and Doc Martins with British flags on them. About taking care and/or pride in the way you show up for the world. To add something to the world rather than just try to suck off it all day long, or worse, to just “get by.”

I love the idea of getting excited just standing on a street corner, thinking, fuck-yeah, this is OUR city! We are making this! Having a sense of ownership, of amazement in the beauty we are greeted with when we walk out the door every morning, with the kaleidoscope of people we get to interact with.

Of just getting rid of the emptiness, apathy, boredom, ho-hum attitude that eats our souls until we are walking zombies, excited only by BART shootings and world series championships. Routine steals passion. Life without passion is like life in prison, except that YOU are holding the keys. ;-)