Day 1/30: 20/20 vision naturally

So I’m now super stoked to try my eye experiment again. Back in August of last year I tried to restore my -3.5/-1.25 vision back to 20/20, with zero success. But I realized afterward that I had done it all wrong. I had focused on EXERCISING my way back to good vision, rather than RELAXING my way back to good vision.

I have a feeling that learning to RELAX and doing this experiment correctly will also help me with my “Achieve orgasm within 5 minutes” experiment as well ;-)

I imagine the energy of RELAXATION will also help me with my “Stop pulling out and breaking my hair” 2012 Mission/Resolution.


I’m going to do some eye relaxation exercises tonight before bed, then start a routine tomorrow, which also involves not wearing glasses/contacts for another month (except while driving, of course).

Will refine the “routine” as I go so that I can offer it to you later as something that works. Will set my eye appointment for the end of April so I can verify the results.

More Experiments: Armpits, Birth Control, G-Spot, and 20/20 (TMI Warning)

So with my dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free experiment behind me, I’ve got about three experiments ongoing…and one in the pipeline.

1)No more aluminum anti-perspirant or cooking with aluminum foil. I made baked sweet potatoes slices last night without foil, and whaddya know they turned out fantastic (and probably got some extra iron from the pan). Just sprayed a little extra Pam on the baking sheet and everything came off just fine. Not wearing aluminum-based deodorant has been my biggest resistance so-far. But in the spirit of eliminating heavy metals, it’s gotta go eventually. I’m using lavender Crystal Essence spray this week. So far, smelling fine. I just have to put up with the actually perspiring part. Like an animal. ;-)

2) Natural “birth control” lunaception, lining up periods with moon cycles using mother nature and light. I barely had any period last month, and prior to that it came right with the full moon. A bit concerning, but, hooray! It came this week, and closer to the new moon this time. I hope by next month it will come right on the new moon, so that peak fertility will line up with the full moon, which should make it much easier to practice not getting pregnant without the use of hormones.

3) Orgasm within 5 minutes of sex. TMI warning, again, you probably should have stopped reading at the last paragraph to be honest if you were worried about that! I realized that this outrageous goal I made for myself on a whim a couple months ago should be acccomplished via G-spot orgasm, not clitoral, which is kind of cheating and much easier in my opinion. So, step one is first having a vaginal orgasm. Why I put this off for nearly 32 years I don’t know. The first step was googling it and getting some pointers (Oh! It’s *supposed* to feel like you’re going to pee! Headslap), then experimenting. Yes, I could have gone to see a therapist or done some paid group work but I suppose I still am, at the core, too cheap and independent for that right now. It may resort to that, I’ll give it another couple of weeks ;-) Suffice it to say this is one of my more fun experiments. And, yes, I have enough free help with this one. Thanks for asking. ;-p

Finally, I will probably begin my 20/20 without glasses vision experiment again soon. If, for no other reason than that I’m wearing 2-week contacts that are 3-4 months old and they’re starting to get uncomfortable. Heh.

Interesting George Carlin Quote

Found this in the comments section of a Deadmau5 post:

“People are wonderful one at a time. Each of them has an entire hologram of the universe somewhere within them.
But as soon as individuals begin to clump, as soon as they begin to clot, they change…”
“…The ideal group for human beings is one. With the occasional sexual visit to the land in the next group. Temporary twosomes are fine…”
“…The larger the group, the more toxic, the more of your beauty as an individual you have to surrender for the sake of group thought. And when you suspend your individual beauty you also give up a lot of your humanity. You will do things in the name of a group that you would never do on your own. Injuring, hurting, killing, drinking are all part of it, because you’ve lost your identity, because you now owe your allegiance to this thing that’s bigger than you are and that controls you.”

How Vast the Ocean

Seconds stretching into years without you
Moments feeling vast, enormous, infinite
How much time did we spend together?
That must not have mattered
We make our nights into lifetimes
A biography already written
From just being together

Brain Dump

Tonight watched some great short films by local filmmakers at Excelsior Branch Library. Two stood out: One was about a semi-violent tradition in the Bolivian Andes amongst natives and the converted Christian natives who condemn it, and one was about how much Fresno sucks and that the only redeeming thing about being raised in one of the three worst places to raise children in the US was the fact that once you made it through high school by entertaining yourself with sex and drugs that you had a strong appreciation for how cool other places are and you develop a sense of creativity to cope with the concrete, bleakness, and nothingness given to you. Oh! The other film I appreciated was called White Walls, about a local club manager-turned-cdrug-dealer-turned-art-gallery-owner-turned-convicted-drug-dealer-turned-even-more-successful-gallery-owner. That was quite a cool true story.

Life continues its strange trip. I’m in the middle of a phase of experimentation (aren’t I always?) with livelihood and relationships. The subjects I find myself drawn to currently include: leadership, success, spiritual wealth building, astrology, polyamory/monogamy/orgasm/birth control/pregnancy, connectivity/relationships, and social science. Wtf.

I’m being more and more moved to stop my compulsive hair-picking. I’m thinking at this point I will need some kind of barrier separation for a good 7-28 days, as it’s turned into quite an automatic habit. I think I will start by fixing my hair very nicely early every morning, starting tomorrow.

Next on the agenda, getting rid of sore throat that is looming. Sleep! Water! Vitamins!

Then, getting paperwork organized for taxes, filing, etc. There’s quite a backup at this point. I have a feeling the pace of life will really pick up in the next 30 days.

Really been enjoying my newest relationship, so far, fits like a glove. Ahhh, how nice.

Studied up more on javelin and discus technique tonight. I’m committed to mastering the art of coaching these events a bit more. They are still complex to me, which means my understanding is not full yet. Excited to do some deeper training this year with some good coaches later on.

I’m becoming more and more aware of just how little can be “accomplished” some days, in my personal list of to-dos. It is amazing that with eating, sleeping, and obligations to others that the amount of stuff you can advance on the side by yourself is quite minuscule. But maybe that is pronounced by my virus-induced lethargy today. Had enough energy to sweep the mess my cat made toppling a house plant to the other side of my room. That was about it.


Doomed and rolling and whirling and spinning
Orienting ourselves
To stand and to walk
Then to run and to create
Without the slime of our ancestry
Weighing us down

Making mistakes
And hitting dead-ends
That make us wish we were dead
Because change hurts so much
Observing without judgment
Our selves and our paths
Accepting consequences
And learning from pain

Resisting impulses
That habits are made of
To valiantly reach for what lives in our dreams
A change of reality
A break from the past
A chance at a future
That feels truer to you

Week 5 of 6, Done: No wheat, dairy, sugar (TMI Warning)

So this week was kind of a bust! At some point early in the week (maybe Monday night?) I had my last “normal” meal digested, french toast with gluten-free bread and an egg and polenta, then my system went into utter revolt. Since then I’ve been eating sugar- and gluten- and dairy-free all week, but nothing is sticking. All coming right out the other end and feeling bloated and uncomfortable, for the past 5 days now. I usually calm down digestional upset with bananas and yogurt, but going dairy-free, I’ve resisted my usual “fix”.

I attempted a major flush out, assuming I had gotten some kind of virus, by consuming a quart of saltwater on Thursday night around 9:30pm. The flush was successful, and I felt “normal” if not empty. After my first breakfast of cheap “oatmeal” and fruit, I felt pretty good, and starving hungry 1.5 hours later. My second breakfast I had an omlette with veggies (fiber bad idea), which set me back to square one again, feeling bloated and not digesting anything. I spent most of the past 3 days either sleeping or in the restroom. I attempted resetting my system with probiotics, which kind of helped by how much I was burping as the bugs began to digest the peanuts I had overdosed on (peanuts, bananas seemed not to bother me). But it was all pretty miserable.

Meanwhile, my athlete was puking after eating anything with significant dairy in it after her 4 weeks on the dietary restrictions. Pasta with too much cheese, cheesecake, a giant cookie, all rejected by her system. Our head coach mentioned that Pacific Islanders are more prone to lactose intolerance (her father is diabetic and she doesn’t like milk but is addicted to cheese). So she is in “denial” that she is lactose intolerant and what that might mean if she has to severely limit cheese from her diet from now on.

I, on the other hand, seem to have the opposite problem! This morning, I started craving quesadillas really badly. In the airport, tired and weak from days without enough nutrition, I felt almost as if I was going to die/pass out on the moving walkway. I had no energy to look anyone in the eye, and I was not looking good. I resisted the temptation to buy a quesadilla right before getting on the plane, not knowing how my body would handle dairy after 5 weeks of not having any to speak of. I was quite nauseous on the plane, not my M.O. I resolved to get a quesadilla on a flour tortilla for lunch when we arrived back in the city.

Thus ended my “6-Week” experiment with no dairy, sugar, or wheat. I felt slightly better after eating my first quesadilla from the local burrito place. I was extremely tired so went home and slept for about 3 hours, got up, and went and got another quesadilla. I was burping a little but did not get bloated or have any obvious digestion issues. I noticed a flan/chocolate cake and bought one of those as well. I was feeling again slightly better after the second quesadilla. Later in the evening, I got a craving for chocolate milk so fixed myself a chocolate milk using pure raw cacao, honey, and whole milk. I had about 16 oz. (at least) and felt better than I have felt in the past 6 days. Healed! By Dairy! So, unlike Isa, my body seems to run pretty darned good on milk. I’m feeling nearly like myself again, which is good news considering I was ready to die about 12 hours ago.

So what did I get out of this experiment?

Possible that I was having an extreme purging reaction to not eating dairy or wheat, but I doubt it.

1. Don’t get lazy when you own a mini-fridge. If it starts frosting up too much the fridge won’t stay warm and you risk poisoning yourself.

2. Take it easy on wheat products. I did feel much less bloated after eliminating breads and eating more veggies.

3. My body processes dairy pretty darned well. I may want to try going into raw dairy products though to see if I can reap any additional health benefits. The Greek creation story has me interested to see if there is any truth there about lifespan and simple diet with milk and fruits (

This lady in Florida seems to think a diet without meats is great:

And the China study and Dr. Oz are intriguing as well:

And, there will be no Week 6 of 6 update on this one. That’s a wrap!


Paying for information
Seems antiquated and it’s not even outlawed yet
The soup of my mind
Thoughts swimming
Collected by the brain I grew and managed
Stored and retrieved by processes I hardly control
What’s yours is now mine
And mine, yours
We’re becoming more connected
That’s obvious
My eggs live outside my body now
And my life grows in other beings
And soon you will know my thoughts
Before I have a chance to rearrange them on the internet
Then it will be so many more words
Than Facebook or Twitter could hold
We might as well give up
And start listening for frequencies
We’ll be one big buzz
Without the joy and drama
Of imperfect communication
An “Uh-Oh-Om”
When we all come together

Dark with Joy

Now I live among the stars
Diving into them at night
Headfirst on a big box bus
Lots of hills to call my own
People pay to walk my streets
Go where few have gone before
Take the road less traveled-by
No longer strangers
All are neighbors
Living in each other’s dreams
Buying pleasure by the quarter
Feeling guilt for overload
But too much work won’t bring you joy
Since joy is always there to seize

Mind Games

Striving and driving and thinking too much
Obsessing, controlling
Not sure when to move
Emotions and thoughts
A million impulses
More words to explain how we ought to behave
And what’s happy?
And are we happy?
And do we deserve to be?
And are we marching off to nowhere
Or sleeping just too long
And would more trophies on the wall
Require more or different effort?
Life was structured
Now freestyling
Not sure how to win at this game