Liftoff (23/1000)

Once you learn to pilot the craft
These bodies can be lots of fun
It takes years to learn the controls, the brakes
The touch, finesse, and trust
The glory is in competition
With yourself or with another
Controlling your limbs
To control your world
Gives a thrill like no other

The Mighty Have Fallen (22/1000)

I thrilled today
In the death of a giant
Its mighty crash
Scared the cattle away
That it should choose me
As its only witness
Made me humble and proud
And full of respect
I tiptoed around it
And tasted its blood
As it dripped from the roots
That finally gave way
Rest in peace
On the meadow
You died with a bang
We all turn to dust

My Freedom (Lisa Bevill)

“I was a self-made girl
But I was a slave to my world
I never really knew
My freedom
Giving everything to you is where I find my freedom
I took a long way home
‘Cause I had a will of my own
Now looking back I see
Only you could have given me
My freedom
Letting go
With all my heart and soul
Living in your spirit feels like paradise”

Ode to Music (21/1000)

And when I had slayed the final dragon
I pointed the sword unto myself
After a lifetime of war
The enemies are always near
Peace is deafening
Unwilling to sit in silence
Torturing myself
I summoned the birds
Who sang of lands traveled
And carried me into tomorrow

Hold This Mystery (19/1000)

Let’s see
If I can hold this mystery
Without giving in to
The lies
I keep telling myself
About myself
If this is a test
Let me be satisfied
That my cup is full
And runneth over
And let myself
Really explore
My new happiness
Without shitting in it
What if I really was
All I dreamed I could be?

Open Air (18/1000)

Enjoy where you get planted
On a ledge by a waterfall
Getting showered by the mist
While rainbows light the air
Sometimes you have to grin and bear it
When there’s no work to be done
Except a grounding and a listening
And peeking into wildflowers
There’s a whole new world inside
That you could lose yourself into
Spend the minutes counting money
Or the specks on monkey flowers
Is it really all the same?
Is the point just to be happy?
When there’s pride in small advances
What the mind and hands create
Where’s the pleasure in the pleasure?
Can I be happy with less and less?
Will the natural abundance
Ever compare to my mind’s treasures?
Simple thoughts thrown to the sky
I may be spinning but I’m fine
Soon enough I’ll come back down
And be the ringmaster again

Camp Mather (17/1000)

On the long ride into the valley
You came along with me
I saw you at the campfire
While the children sang their songs
I walked into the mountains
And you hiked along beside me
We tasted wild mint and raspberries
Breezes danced upon our skin
At night you laid beside me
While I gazed up at the moon
Bathing on the picnic table
Taking in the silver light
In the shower I showed you frogs
That peeked out of the handles
While swimming in the lake
I held a turtle up for you
When I shivered in the morning
You held me tight and kept me warm
You sprinkled me with kisses as I played out in the sun