By the mystics and imbalanced seekers
We plod on
As if we’re all in agreement about what’s happening here
Our brains teach us to see the world
We are creators in and of a virtual playground
Most days
Feels real

There are so many alien forms on this planet
We hardly need to look elsewhere
Not the least of which
Looks back from the mirror
And who thought to condense infinity
Into human moments?
It must be
Otherwise this delicious short lifetime
Would feel too brief

Forget asking people to pay you money for being authentic
Surely this is a human invention
Coaches are swindlers in New Age clothing
Imagine if birds demanded a fee to sing
How staged and awkward it would feel
Pulling up our folded chairs for the performance
But fools love to part with themselves
And their money

Americans embrace the temporarily embarrassed millionaire
Oh, how we like to feel embarrassed
Overrated emotions
Acceptance is a nobler path

If you gave of your talents more freely
You’d have staggering returns
But you’re too worried about making the wrong choices
And hoping nobody finds out
Doesn’t the early bird get the worm?

Well, anyway
It’s all material-shifting
If you’re into that sort of thing
I’m in an apathetic phase
Having purged my childhood fantasies
I’m learning a new game
It feels mindless
But the faculties are intact
I’m tired of evangelizing
And beating myself up
I just want to make 100%
Pure love