Quote(s) of the Day

Me: My credit score is not great. I’ve had a bankruptcy. Maybe I’ll go home and spruce it up a bit first and come back.

New car saleswoman: Oh honey, I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. It would take an awful lot to impress me the way the economy has been the past few years. I’ve seen it all.

Me: if my cat were an Olympian, what sport would she play?

Aud: Volleyball. She’s good at swatting. And don’t you have to be kind of sneaky to play volleyball?


So many
We meet
Expecting to be delighted
The magic of the experience
Is to live the experience
With eyes wide open
Life dreamed us
So that we could see this

On the Threshold

We crave life as it is
The one we recognize
So familiar
We are afraid to break the matrix
What if the sexiest man in the city
Kept wanting you?
What if your bus became a convertible?
What if everyone around you
Turned wildly successful?
What if your most private dreams
Came true
Right in front of you?
Would you walk through that door?
Or throw rocks at it,
Tell it to go away,
And stop teasing you?

Alternatives to Dressing up like a Villain and Shooting People

Not sure what to do with your life?

1) Make a list of everything you want to change about the world. Go ahead. Be brave.

2) Find the schools/resources/institutions/people that can help you knock a couple things off that list.

Don’t get so pigeonholed into one thing that you think your only other option is dressing up like a villain and shooting people. Be adaptable.

Society sometimes tells us we have to go college and get a good job. That message is a little too simple for young people these days. We need to explore what it is we want to change about the world and work TOGETHER to make good stuff happen.

Here’s my first list. What’s on yours?:

My Theory on Perfect Men: Scoring with a “10”!

It took me 32 years to figure this out, so listen up young ones ;-)

Having had the amazing opportunity to be intimate with two men over the past year that I would rate a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, I learned a couple things from the experiences.

First of all, you don’t have to be perfect to score a perfect ten! Why not? Because they have already met a perfect ten! These are people with high sexual attraction energy. People gravitate to them. They have already met women/men with the perfect bodies, their equals, and it’s even possible that they are probably already bored of him/her! Think about it: once you have found someone who perfectly complements you physically, where would you go from there? Variety!

The person you think is so perfect doesn’t care that you’re not that perfect specimen. You might just have that one feature that rates highly for them and that is enough. It takes the pressure off you. You can just be yourself (a good policy in general!).

A perfect ten often has personality flaws related to the fact that everyone wants to be with them all the time. They sometimes use defense mechanisms to protect themselves from unwanted attention, so they may appear somewhat insecure, combative, or controlling, or the opposite, they may just be very promiscuous to deal with their abundant sexual energy. What would you do if everyone desired you all the time? :)

I’ve found that the women who are with perfect tens are usually a little insecure and therefore a bit (or a lot) controlling of their mate. They may try themselves to maintain their perfect physical status and this can be a full-time job! Imagine how difficult it would be to be with someone who everyone else also desires. They may try to put strict or looser rules around their mate’s behavior as a coping mechanism for jealousy instincts. I imagine there are perfect ten couples out there who have found a way to exist in total trust and freedom, but I haven’t come across it yet.

Let me know if you have experience with this, thanks!


Close my eyes and this will all be gone
The city has become so small
No more towers mocking me overhead
Or bricks denying entry
I came to San Francisco to disappear in the fog
My vanishing took 5 years
And once I got comfortable being naked
I gained the courage to move on

Fog Lifting

Such a delicate thing
Yet another pretty little bow
Tied neatly on top this box of junk
The end of an era
A time for reflection
A moment to pause,
Dream again,
And start over


Another night in San Francisco
You can do whatever you want here
And I’m bone tired about to fall asleep
Anything you dream can happen
Why dream the same dream twice?
Maybe this time you’ll be lucid enough
To break the matrix

The Art of Life

Sober now
Determined to stay that way
And engaged with reality as we know it
So many moving parts
So little time
Fixed speeds
Just when you think you’re the ringmaster
Life tosses you another curveball
You never saw coming
A reminder that the parts are not the whole
And the tug between them
Contains so much art
Delicacies all worth savoring
Nibble by delightful nibble

Sleep, Affection

I took a 4.5-hour nap this afternoon. I knew I felt tired this weekend but I didn’t know I was THAT tired! This was after sleeping nearly 10 hours last night as well…looking back at my sleep journal, I had been running a deficit all but one night the past 2 weeks so I guess I had it coming. My friend Dimitry has logged his sleep hours for the past few years and can predict illness a few days out from sleep loss. I have not been actually sick all year so far, which I credit to my insistence on taking crazy naps when I feel tired.

I’ve been reading Cesar Millan’s “Cesar’s Way”, about dog training (the Dog Whisperer). What he says about giving affection to animals is really relevant to human relationships as well. I realized today I’ve done a disservice in some of my dating in the past couple of years by not asking certain men what they need/what they’re looking for before showering them with affection. I suppose this is out of insecurity that they might say “not you!”. But wouldn’t that be nice to know up front? :)

“Love is not meant to enhance instability. Love is meant to reward stability, to take us to a higher level of communication. Just like in the human world, in the dog world love means something only if it is earned.” That Cesar is a smart man.