Mind Dump

You’ve got to kiss lots of frogs
To enjoy the taste of a prince
And don’t worry about being good at sex
Cause some people click and sometimes you don’t
And that’s okay
Dancing is a good indicator though
And it doesn’t hurt to study a few tutorial videos
But I’m getting off track
Shouldn’t I be concerned about more important things?
Anyone can learn the everyday stuff with years of trial and error
But not all have a mind that can amass and assess and communicate
And energy to drive massive change
At a time when the world is crying for massive change
Or rather crying due to massive change?
Maybe the world should follow my lead
And just not react right now
Take a breather
Information, lifestyle, weather, money, leadership, education, technology is changing so fast right in front of us
And we want to lasso this wild horse
Before she gets away
And leaves us in her dust
But if my professor was right
We are just on the brink of a very wild ride
So if you’re wise you won’t panic
You’ll form alliances
And spend time with loved ones
And jump on that surfboard when the time is right
Because fears must be examined for projection
And their cyclical nature
We’re due for an ice age
But like Lil Wayne warned you
Don’t go around fire expecting not to get burned

Money and Meteors

Two falling stars
I’m in the hot tub
Hoping not to get hit
Odds are against it
I suppose

Thinking about money
And how so many people hate it
Because it was the scapegoat
In our ignorant arguments

But money’s just an idea
Neutral without our valuing it
Is it no wonder poverty cycles?
All these kids taught to hate money

Growing up and going to Burning Man
Practicing giving without keeping track
Taking a break
Letting the universe exact its Karma
Argue about something else

Simplicity Musings

We wish things were more complicated sometimes
The truth is usually simple
Humans and the objects they control behave in predictable ways
Always in line with motivating forces
Which are themselves routine
We are good at creating narratives
Which serve our interests
By creating veils of confusion
Behind which some wizard pulls strings randomly
Wealth is not a mystery
Nor are the relationships which blossom and fail and puzzle those whose expectations were built on foundations of ignorance
Knock and doors open
Seek and you’ll find
There’s no magic mindset that takes you to another level
That what swindlers sell you when they’ve decided you’re not ready for the truth,
But want a pill to swallow to make the pain go away.
At your lowest moment, they’ll show you the shortcut, in exchange for a large sum. The price of which will cost you your dreams, for a time
Ignorance detention
The universe always shows you the temptingly comfortable wrong way before you level up, to make sure you are dedicated to the difficult, repulsive right way.
And so it goes…

Suffer and Belong

Are we gonna survive?
7 billion asking over and over
Some many times in a day, an hour
A minute
A gray hair for each
And it doesn’t matter really
You can vaccinate
Or get more educated
Run for office
And believe with all your heart
That will end the suffering
But it won’t
All the mothers in the world
Can’t stop men from dying
We are creatures of creation
And nurturing
We hate to see destruction
And unrest
And what if you did anyway?
And your love for health
Turned us all into forever high
Infinite sunshine laughter dogs
With no dips into dark death to cool off
What is your end-game?
Babies are not created equally
Disease is our partner
Suffering is justice
And your striving and ranting
Sounds like maybe you just aren’t ready to belong

Valentine and my favorite color, Resolutions and Mistakes

Seeing Red
Just a little reminder to wear red tomorrow, and notice how nice everyone (men) treat you when you do! It’s astounding really, how much “help” you get and how many new “friends” a woman can make with a red dress or red lipstick :-)

Today is my third consecutive day following my NYR exercise plan. I’m stoked. It’s 13 days into February and I’ve finally worked in what I’ve been wanting to do, according to plan. I think people give up way too soon on their NYRs, and so making resolutions gets a bad rap. The point is, if change were easy you wouldn’t need to resolve to do different. To successfully change, you must be tenacious and persistent in incorporating change, for AS LONG AS IT TAKES. I’ve had some items on my NYR list for three years or more. Those things inform me of that my priorities and limitations are, and that’s okay too. But it feels really good achieving 75% of what I set out to do. Solid “C”, heh. For “Change.”

The older I get the more I understand the growth process of trial and error, and learn to have patience with my and others’ process. I’m nearly 34 and the universe is still telling me to “Slow Down,” a lifelong challenge for a Fire Aries I’m sure. Hit the racquetball easier. Finesse those backboard shots. Think before you speak and choose the right words. Look around you. Take time for small details. Ask questions.


Why Pro-Life is Pointless

In the wake of the Roe vs. Wade anniversary, I am reminded of a topic I find very interesting, not the least because people in my life have such polar, strong opinions about it.

Having been an egg donor six times has given me a unique perspective on the pro-choice/pro-life debate. I’ve come to realize that reproduction ethics just aren’t as simple or black and white as they once were.

In the eyes of some “pro-lifers”, I might deserve a medal, having personally created well over 100 embryos. Most were frozen, a handful became children. Isn’t this fantastic? I really did my reproductive duty!

But it makes me wonder, if every embryo created is truly a special, precious gift from God, then why aren’t more pro-life women creating more embryos? You can do it twice a year or possibly more often. Then instead of just one angel getting its earthly wings, 10 or 20 could!

The point that some don’t want to entertain is that not all eggs should become embryos, and not all embryos should become people. And no one actually wants the seemingly God-like responsibility of deciding that, but technology has brought us to that crossroads. So until we can get a little more sophisticated in our arguments (“Embryos are people!”), we won’t be having a very useful nor interesting discussion.

Some pro-lifers will argue that embryos created in a non-loving relationship should be exempt from forced reproduction, like in cases of rape or incest. And this is being more thoughtful. Families and communities must also draw lines when it comes to disorders and birth defects.

I think most people would not be in favor of ramping up US birth rates by 20-40 times annually, even though with technology it is possible.

Pretty much no one is actually pro-abortion. Abortion sucks, it’s unpleasant, and sad. But it is as necessary as our mistakes are, and the “save the embryos!” argument is basically pointless, unless, of course, the mother agrees.

Not time

If you really loved your life
You wouldn’t just sleep with other projects!
If only you could wake up
To the opportunity that has been so obviously in front of your face all along
You would have purpose
You’d be happy
Because there’s only one!
One life’s mission
You only get one
So stop whoring around already
And cheating on the dream you already know about but are choosing to hide from because it’s so
Not unlike your EGO
Besides, the kids are counting on you to leave them a better tomorrow
Think of the children!
So turn up the pressure
And don’t dare take a night off
The history books are waiting
Follow me follow me follow me follow me
Follow the yellow brick road
But since things are just us, inside out
I’m aching to know what money is
What the computers will tell us
And whose prodding voice it is that haunts my idle moments
This is decidedly not the time
To rashly go saving the world

Thoughts becoming Things

So connected
So much knowledge
Exposes the gaps
We learn faster than we can do
And we are trained to be consumers
Who is putting this knowledge to use?
We can know more than we can ever affect
So then the future becomes about
Keeping one’s sanity
By knowing what is within one’s reach
And what is best left to others
Which requires a lot of reflection
For a sharp image
In order to build the next great pyramids
We’re all going to have to do our part
By knowing our part
Filling the gaps with ourselves