Eloquence Lost (96/365)

Where is the eloquence
Of days gone by?
How have the sound waves shaped us?
We can sing a thousand songs
And hum a hundred tunes
But we talk twice as slow as we used to

No one writes letters
Pen pals a long lost notion
We email and text
We call and voicemail
Communicate faster than neurons

Thoughtful words are a treat
Well written prose
That we rarely take time to enjoy
I rewind a hundred years
To find text that speaks
To my heart, my mind, and my soul.

Meatbag (95/365)

Gratuitous violence
Herbicides pesticides
Nervous system

Amygdala fear
The higher mind
Prefrontal cortex
Massive grey mass

A human has choices
And little information
Time to work
1300 books to read

We adapt to survive
Chaos dancers
Organize and thrive
Meatbag with legs

Love’s Burden (93/365)

I’m tired of your drama
My burden is enough to bear
How do people do it?
How do two separate souls
Who have grown up worlds apart
Agree to get through life

Are you selfish for sharing your pain
Or am I selfish for not wanting it?
Is it worth the added heartache
To leave your lonely days behind?
Are my words an insult to the ones
Who’ve lost the one they loved?

Worry (91/365)

You have to believe
You have everything you need
To meet the challenges of today

I look at what others have gone through
And wonder if I could win
In that situation

But the universe has strange and wonder-full
New things in store for me
Events I could not imagine

My brain only logs my experience
Who knows what paths will cross

Declaration Day (90/365)

The moment you declare your intention
The testing period begins
If you decide to love
Prepare to be heartbroken
If you decide to live
Prepare to look death in the eye
If you decide to conquer
Prepare to fail and fail
If you decide to give
Prepare to have it all taken from you
The treasure of the champion
Is not the gold award
But the discipline, courage
And co-operation learned
Getting up each time one falls.

Newton (89/365)

We do well with routines
Things going well
One event rocks the boat
And we panic
As if faith in our welfare
Is a fragile egg in God’s mighty hands
When will we admit our nearsightedness
And daily wear our God-glasses
To see the drama
As Newton saw the law
When an apple hit his head

A Question (88/365)

How much work is required
Of a human?
"Sometimes I try too fucking hard."
How sensitive must I be
To take the most efficient path?
If I am patient my route will be revealed
Just before I take a step
Or after
In any case my doubt
Just casts the question to the universe
It echoes off the farthest star
And I step where I hear no sound.