God after Science

We need a new prophet to show us God after science
So many people now just can’t relate
To a ruler, a Lord, a man, a king
Something peering down from the heavens

We need a new concept
Because God is just Love
And Love is biological
It sustains our life on Earth

And the people need to see
How forgiveness is efficient
And kindness calms the masses
And how the meek and small win hearts

And why the way to Love is a path that is difficult to tread
And that the rewards are worth the discipline
‘Cause Inner peace brings health and life

And you’re punished not in brimstone
But in your minds and in your guts
And in the ways the world will treat you
When you choose to harm yourself

There are way too many empty seats
In churches ’round the country
We need language we relate to
So that all can sing to God