Still Me (219/365)

I look straight into your large green eyes
The pupils wide black pools
You gaze into mine
So small and so blue
We stare and your lids slowly close
For a moment I was there
In that room with myself
All consuming, all blissful, all free
I left in tears as I returned to this world
Still itching, still spinning, still me.

Personal (217/365)

But how do you really feel?
That story inside your head
The one you tell yourself every time it happens
What do you say to yourself
To get to sleep at night
When you don’t measure up
When you’re making that purchase
When you’re looking in the mirror
What do you say
That alienates others
Before you meet them
That closes opportunities
As you approach them
What thoughts are holding us back?

Looking Back (215/365)

I’ve become the person I always despised
The wussy, cold blooded Californian
Liberal agnostic
Who takes deep breaths
Walks miles a day
Calls veggie burgers a meal
Buys her fruit organic
I never understood the girl
Who dabbles in astrology
Reads of the east
Who admits she doesn’t know it all
Especially about life
Who champions thinking twice
About issues once so black & white
I’ve accepted so much change
It’s a pattern ingrained
I thought I’d like security
But restlessness drives me
I await tomorrow with baited breath
Of course I believe in change
Anything less would be my death

You Can Run (214/365)

Why am I paying 25 percent
A sum I can’t afford
While the rich pay 1 percent
And run for office on the balance
Why do those crooks still have their jobs
While the honest scramble for dollars
The rebound a facade, I’m not buying it
The greed peddlers sold fake products
They should be in jail
They almost brought the country I love
To ruin
They bribed and they lied and we bought
Obama’s not perfect and neither are we
But you gave Bush 43 eight long years
You can’t purge a Senate in eleven months
Of the criminals who drank the wine
If the rich choose to sit on their piles of money
Winners in a game where the refs are paid off
Then God help them
When we take back our country