Rhyme Time (65/365)

Silver spoon
Missing you
Grateful dead
Live a little
Buy a lot
Build a house
High five
Good intentions
Big rush
Maze of smoke
Feel the buzz
Crush a chip
Filthy rat
Escape to peace
Live there
Get a lease
Make it work
Find a way
Big love
Paper plate

Outside Lands (64/365)

We all need those good vibes
Thick beats, waving melodies
Fresh moist air
Crispy juicy melt in your mouth
Warm chocolate syrup in a sippy cup
Room to dance
Room to make
Sweet hot love

Someone you love to hate
Someone who takes your shit
Someone who calls you out
Someone who loves and loves

The music weaves us together
In one colorful tapestry
If only for a song
We forget what we hate
And remember what we love
We let our hearts out to fly
And lock them away with the last note

Our brains all work the same
Our hearts all feel the tug of real love truth
When will we rise above our past?
Rise above our chemistry?
Can we all hike the mountain to that beautiful plateau
Right now
Carry the feeble on our shoulders,
And rest where the sun sets on our insecurities
And the moon rises to greet each and all
Effortlessly reflecting the sun’s perfect majesty
Despite being small
Despite being lonely
Its craters and imperfections we call beautiful
Because it shines on with such ease
Shine on us and let us shine
Let’s go there always and forever

Regret and the Future (63/365)

Smudge away the past
Start fresh, born again
Into the body you had yesterday
As the sage fills your nostrils
Your wrongs leave the body
Tomorrow you get another chance

Your friends won’t tickle your ears
So imagine the lion within
The dignified ruler of his pride
Provider protector discipliner
Love guides and love loves

Today (62/365)

Tenacious in litigation
Frugal and wealthy
Proximity to power
Ideas need influence

Rushed and guilty
Running’s not how
I measure myself

Feeling the love
Gone is the fear
Gonna dream big
Gonna get strong

The sky is my art
Words are my drugs
I breathe in some peace
I breathe out a song

Relax for a second
Another close call
Change the rules
Walk away
Prepare for the worst

Simple or Not? (60/365)

Why strive for more than average?
What’s wrong with the simple life?
Ignorance is bliss
Meager or eager?
What makes us reach for the stars?

Is it life’s greed for life
That we think we must strive?
Believe we can change, grow, rise above
With the strength of our will
Live one more day
In hope of a miracle

Why do the hearts of men
Relish beauty, fantasy,
And stories of the gods?
Do we miss being among them?
Or are they bedtime stories that keep us alive?

Live Your Life (58/365)

Forget the media
And the lies they promote
Forget the weeds they plant in our heads
Forget the ads for so much trash
The rich are selling us a world we don’t want
Don’t buy it
Or meditate for a moment
On their storylines, hook, line, and sinker
We’re all suckers
For eating the garbage at the bottom of the lake
And we end up fat and ugly
When we should be alive and victorious