Deep dive
A steady slow descent
Surrounded by thick primordial soup
In motion
I become small
And powerless
A human-sized drop of water
Colliding gently

Body thoughts

It’s time to write again
Log my thoughts
While there is time enough for them to breathe

Still have an ache in my spine
Right between the shoulders
Behind my heart
Where i slung a 20# weight from my slender frame
Until I inhaled pain and exhaled nausea

Then again, my upper spine violently bent to the left,
Too eager for the direct route
to work
But too careful to take a blind risk

And a new ache, left, below my stomach
First noticeable against my seat belt
Pushing away the pressure
A belly yearning to grow
or a fight against
suffocating tightness
of waistbands and circumstances

I still grind my teeth
Quick, rhythmic sharpening in the day
My own songs
Tapping molded plastic at night
Forever frustrated with the pace