Less about me

Just write
Cycles of Pain

How has it been 17 years?
Starting a family
Lust for comfort
Choosing or being chosen
Attracted to the exotic

Don’t let them prey upon your dreams
Too sheltered
Too exposed
Wanting to integrate

Keep me humble
Less about me

Zoom In

A silver-lined spiral
Perched up high in the nothingness of air
Obsessed with this image
I keep changing homes
In my dreams
Always new treasures, bigger rooms;
Signaling a better life is in store for me
But the toilets never work

Winter thoughts

Dry leaves cracking beneath my shoe
The heavy darkness of winter
Temptations of hibernation
But we keep on
Even though we are probably better off conserving energy for more fruitful times
The thrusting of rockets is a pattern engrained
An aggressive bet against a weak hand