Up and Up

Now we’re going somewhere
This car’s picking up speed
No one’s moving back with their parents
It’s a crazy circus but the net’s still holding
I bounce upright, wave and smile to the crowd
Cheeks flushed red
Now I’m moving
Now they can see me
It’s only a matter of time
Before I’m top 20 under 40
Because I’m only secretary one day a week
And we’ve all got sugar to sell to those that have lemons
And once we leave our jobs, and follow our visions, and the whole world is drinking lemonade it will be so sweet
So refreshing
We’ll truly be fruitful then


Enjoying the feeling
Of just sitting on my board
In a calm, clear ocean
Surrounded by fog

Hoping for a wave
But absorbing the peace and beauty
Of the power all around me
The currents gently rocking me
A chance to breathe and be


Wish I had a bucket of zeal
I’d fling it across the universe
In dazzling colors and sparkles
It would fizzle and streak
And cause such delight

But alas
I am passionless
And empty
Sad and pondering
Feeling untugged

Is this a place of perfection?
Of forces balanced?
Or is this a place of stagnation?
A place to escape?

Or is my heart just resting
From last week’s attacks?
Does the zebra, once pounced
Ever feel safe standing still?

No longer wanting to play dead
Or crawl in a hole
I’m peeking around
And no one’s paying attention

Climbed to the top
And it’s lonely up here
Wanna make more connections
Give people what they need

Wanna find what consumes me
Wanna sing until I die
Wanna be happy forever
Wanna fly in the skies

Surfing Lessons

Caught my first wave today, woohoo!

1) My 2nd toe on my left foot inexplicably goes numb, still works, just loses all circulation – weird.
2) The body gets used to being unstable on the board when paddling/swimming. The mind needs to stop freaking out.
3)Being a wave slut is more fun, and tiring, than being selective.
4)It's ok not to pop up without your hands at first! Keep arms back farther.
5)Swimming on a board is way different than swimming with legs.
6)Timing just as important as balance. Can't get in the wave, can't get up.
7)Yeah, don't hold the board in front of you, like they warn you not to. Chinwhack.
8)Yogic saltwater flushes for the nasal cavities are not necessary, just take a few spills underwater.
9)Sea lions are cooler up close in the water. They really check you out.
10)I need a longer board. 8'2" not quite enough for me. But my 4:3 wetsuit was perfectly warm, although the loose threading gave me a lovely neck rash.


Neurologic disorders such as Parkinson's and Fibromyalgia may have roots in mercury toxicity. If you eat a lot of fish, sushi, or have silver mercury fillings, you may be in danger of poisoning yourself. Get tested for mercury poisoning.

Read: The UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman

Next Step?

What do I want?
What is the Universe suggesting to me?
I feel weightless
Not desiring
I need a clue
I’ve recycled my gifts fully already?
Is it time for a new education?
I get busy thinking
And the answers do not come
I lay here and be still
And the answers do not come
Am I forgotten?
Did I wander off path?
Where is my guide?

Dopamine Hypotheses

I caught parts of an interesting show called the Science of Sex Appeal. I thought of some other areas where the same chemicals involved in love/attraction may be playing hidden roles in other relationships:

Celebrity Freakouts
I am curious to know whether dopamine is the cause of celebrity freakouts in young women. A relationship with a celebrity is one-sided. A person can build up a whole “history” or “relationship” with another person simply by hearing or reading about them. Those positive memories of a celebrity could activate elevated dopamine production via the Caudate Nucleus. Once the girl, who is already in “love” (maintains high dopamine levels by thinking of the celebrity constantly) meets the celebrity or thinks she is about to meet the celebrity in person, dopamine levels spike, causing an overreaction that appears drug-induced (because it is).

Coaching Relationships
According to both the Maslow and ERG Theory hierarchy of needs, esteem and relatedness are very important to a person. The need to feel appreciated, like at a job, is consistently ranked very high next to other even more basic needs. People need to feel connected. Dopamine connects people chemically. It makes you want to repeat an experience that feels rewarding. Forming positive experiences with other people causes them to produce dopamine when they think of you. Dopamine leads to cravings. Cravings pull from the heart, energetically speaking.

You’ve heard the expression: “My heart just isn’t into it anymore.” Likely what happened is that the reward circuit has stopped. Unpleasant memories have crowded out the pleasant ones. Dopamine production goes down, cravings for the person/activity dwindle.

more thoughts later…