Beached (307/365)

When I feel raindrops, I wonder
Have I been sheltered for too long?
I guess we can never prevent people from stepping on landmines
Near us
But how much should I be researching and advertising their existence?
It seems an unattainable human endeavor
To maximize harmony in our spheres
I cannot stop the play of karma
Nor should I always strive for peace
Sometimes distress and unrest are needed for motivation
And removing barriers exposes holes to fall into
"You must see a man to become a man"
So perhaps I should just busy myself with polishing the vessel
For who knows what tomorrow may bring

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Still Growing (305/365)

If you were truly the best at what you did
Wouldn't your reputation precede you?
If you were the tallest tree in the forest
Would you need to tell others to look up?
Sometimes we build fortresses to protect our growing kingdoms
But the walls send mixed messages,
Of unreached triumph, and of fear

Not Sure about the Nectar (304/365)

So this is what God feels like
Knowing the end result
Yet letting Nature
Play out
Without stress or interference
How cold and boring!
How long would you want to be loved?
How sickeningly sweet
I've fallen asleep during plays with too much drama
And too little
Who wants to live like the rocks
When you are human?

Human Locks (303/365)

She might have come here to be a hero
Someone hurt so badly
A few breaths from death
This is a person who's traveled a great distance
She might have come here to be a healer
To bring others back from the dead
She wonders,
If the light is so transforming
Why is it kept in human locks?

Game Time (302/365)

Every day I find new games to play
That help me learn the world
I try peace and I try worry
I play fat and I play skinny
I battle and I refrain
I set limits and restrictions
I plan and then I gamble
I push forward or step back
I show compassion or disdain
I keep it quiet or sing all day
Each win or loss informs the next game
And time just dawdles on