Tonight I almost touched the sun

We’ve been coming together
In nightly ceremonies

Hoping one day our hearts
Will open so wide
They swallow each other
For a taste of the One
We’d die to be born into

That feeling of stillness, that buzzing, that calm
Where all is light
And movement is dance

But tonight
We walked close up
Beheld the glory
Then teetered away like toddlers


My stomach is full
My heart wide open
Today I received
All that I gave
I’m slowly recharging
I’m almost there
I’ll feel like this
All the time
When life is just giving
And blessings abound
All our cups filled
And overflowing
When work is easy
And difficulties die
To opportunities
In every dilemma
How long can I hold this?
And do God’s work?
God never hates his job
It’s all perfect Love

Man Friends

You found me in my kitchen
Dancing, singing, baking
You lit my stove and drove away
The way you like to do
I found you in your car
I told you to keep dreaming
There's a woman in the world
Who will let you be all you
He found me on the web
And shared a poem with the world
It made me soar and cry
And wonder if this man I knew
I found him on his phone
He was flying in the dark
I checked in like I do
Almost every day or two

Getting Ready for Blastoff

It's a smashup
The world projected on a pushpin
We all get taught how to live
'Cause happy is our greatest asset
Happy keeps the air clean
And the water clear
And the gardens green
And one smile can light a room
So why do we wallow in misery?
It feels so good feeling empty
It's like an old friend
Who's always a downer
Not the kind of company
You would make and keep now
Empty feels like a space you could leave
And grow from


If you wanna grow
You gotta send out roots in all directions
You're going to need more water
More food
More sunlight
More resources
You're going to want to plant yourself
In fertile soil
Make yourself beautiful
Attract the bees
Let them dive in and out of you
Nothing grows in a void
If you wanna take over the world
You need to give and receive
Three hundred sixty degrees


Sometimes you just have to show up
Check it out yourself
See the contrast of the sparkling lights
Against the darkness of the moonlit desert
A spiderweb fence in the middle of nowhere
Is anyone watching?
Or am I alone sufficient?
Am I the One looking at reflections of nature in a still lake?
A fractal living a dreamed reality?
We all speak the same language
In 7 billion dialects
We treat each other like we disagree
Just for fun
We all need enemies
Products of misunderstandings
Who would we be!
Not content to be happy
We pretend to be human
It's fun getting lost in this skin

"Savior" – Rise Against

"So tell me now
If this ain't love then how do we get out?
Because I don't know
That's when she said I don't hate you boy
I just want to save you while there's still something left to save
That's when I told her I love you girl
But I'm not the answer for the questions that you still have

I don't hate you
I don't hate you, no"

Where-To Now?

I went boldly in the direction
Of an ill-conceived dream
And now I'm reaping the fruits
Of my wandering
My dreams are still dormant
What can I hope to be?
What's the life that will bring me meaning?
The easiest answer is a wife and mother
The occupation of my mother
And grandmother
There's nothing I want more
From my life at this point
And yet I have trouble owning it
Thinking like a man
Has gotten me nowhere
Don't get the point of earning for me

Wanna Be Stoked

I am a 4-wheel drive monster truck
Spinning my wheels
Will I ever be satisfied
That my work is important
That I'm not needed elsewhere
Money wasn't enough to tie me down
So I let myself fall into a void
Of self indulgence
Pouring my energy into a survival game
A birthing of a business of my own making
And an exploring of work
That might excite and fulfill me
And it did
And now that those embers are cooling
I want to know
What I can pour myself into tomorrow
How do you stay stoked?