The silver fireworks finale inside me
Illuminating the need for receiving
And the fact that you get
Everything you ask for
And you must open up
Every square inch to
Receive, receive, receive
Until your cup runneth over

Eyesight Improvement Test, Round 2?

So, I realized after re-reading the eyesight improvement guide I had been “following” for 30 days, that I had made a huge omission in the procedure.

I forgot most of the relaxation practice of the eyes, including taking 3 days off for every 4 days on.

It’s fitting that I should make this error. As I went along the experiment, I began feeling some strain as I looked into the distance without glasses/contacts. My instinct was to relax the vision rather than strain further, which seemed to produce a slightly more clear image. However, I became focused on the fact that straining meant I was somehow “exercising” the eyes and that would make them better, so I really focused more on the exercising than the relaxing drills.

Re-reading the document, more focus seems to be placed on RELAXING the eyes rather than EXERCISING the eyes, the premise being that the eyes under strain is what caused the poor vision to begin with.

This actually makes sense to me, and OF COURSE I wouldn’t focus on the relaxation piece. This reminds me of when I began taking yoga classes mid-way through college. I went into the classes with the mindset of “I”m gonna stretch farther, harder, and better than everyone in here, and withstand more pain.” What I learned over the next eight years was the importance of balancing effort with relaxation in order to produce long-lasting results and a healthy body.

Thanks to my friend Ajit for passing on this link to Sri Aurobindo’s eyesight improvement program:

I am going to develop a kind of hybrid of these two and give it another go :-) I’m especially looking forward to eyes closed solarization move!

RESULTS: No more glasses?

The eyes have been tested and…


Science sucks, haha. :-p

Contacts are back in today. I can see clearly now…

My 30-day experiment has unfortunately countered the claims put forth in this document:

Not only did I not get a 1 point vision improvement per week, I got NO points improvement in 4 weeks.

So what did I learn?

  • Improving eye muscle function by doing 10-15 minutes of eye exercises per day does not seem to have any impact on the vision over 30 days
  • Not wearing corrective lenses does not contribute to eyes developing stronger vision on their own over 30 days
  • Sharper vision gives more details of objects, therefore more to scrutinize for an over-analytical person. I found that my self-scrutiny decreased and my confidence in public generally increased when not correcting my vision. There may be some times in the future when I will purposefully not wear my contacts/glasses for this reason.
  • I am even skeptical that focusing exercises will work now, given my zero improvement overall, when many of the 30 days were done with focus exercises that caused eye watering & tension headaches.

Time to start saving for laser eye surgery :-)

Days 28/29/30: No more glasses

Day 28: Did my exercises.
Day 29: No exercises.
Day 30: Flopped into bed after an exhausting 16 hours of work, mostly having to have worn my old full-prescription glasses (which did give me headaches!).

Today is the big day, my eye test is at 9:30am. I will find out if these darned eye exercises actually improved my vision or not! Did my eye routine one last time this morning, for good measure.