Offensive Thing of the Day

Pet Peeve: Bicycle Design

Why are men’s bike designed with a horizontal cross bar and women’s have the slanted cross bar?

If a man slips on his bike he will feel a lot of pain if he gets his goods smashed on the crossbar. Wouldn’t it make more sense for men to have the slanted crossbar design?

The only reason I can gather is that bicyles were designed under the assumption that women are too weak to lift their legs above a crossbar, or too modest, wearing a skirt and all.

Get with the times!


I had a thought this morning about reincarnation, sort of. I thought, if the body has the same number of molecules before & after death, only energy has left the body. If energy leaves, where does it go? If a thousand people die at once, where will the energy go? Space must maintain an equilibrium of energy.

Will that energy get absorbed into matter elsewhere? Does it get sucked into the nearest black hole? Does the universe notice the energy change when just one person exits their body? I think it must.

Never Boring

Two funny things I saw today:

A rather tall man wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with a large, menacing skull printed on the front. And a small fanny pack around his waist.

A cab driver wearing a neck brace. Should I get in or not?

Don’t Dilute Yourself

Another great Rumi quote:

“If a beetle moves toward rosewater, it proves that the solution is diluted. Beetles love dung, not rose essence.”

This reminds me of how my athletes act around each other sometimes. In order to win the friendship of someone, they will compromise the good parts of themselves, and “lower” themselves to their level. It is good to remember that if a person isn’t attracted to the parts of you that are good, it is because they are not looking for that!


"Very few can sit down
In the middle of the fire itself…
We need intermediaries

"A feeling of fullness comes,
But usually we need some bread
to bring it.

"Beauty surrounds us
But usually we need to be walking
in a garden to know it.

"…All the things we do, are mediums
that hide and show what’s hidden.

"…A secret we sometimes know, and then not.


Keep Your Peace

Sometimes our bodies are full of energy and we need to expend that energy outward to stay sane.

For example, if you are waiting for the bus to come, and you find yourself going crazy just standing there, it will be worthwhile to walk a few blocks down the line and catch the bus then. You still get to your destination at the same time, and you stay sane in the process.

It is best to be able to calm the mind down to where you don’t feel the need for constant motion. Then maybe the energy you did not waste by walking around could be put to a better or more noble use.

Eminem & Kim

I had some time to boot up iTunes today so I just happend to download Eminem’s newest song, and before long found myself looking up Eminem & his long-time girlfriend/wife/ex/nemesis Kim’s birth charts. If the birthdays I found for both of them are correct, it is not hard to see why they are like oil and water!

Eminem’s Venus (relationship) sign is in Virgo, possibly the worst sign for marriage. These people are best suited to be with someone who doesn’t mind their perfectionist approach to a relationship. They want to be selfless and are truly devoted to their partners, but can come off as nit-pickers and controllers. On the other hand, Kim’s Venus sign is in Aquarius which is one of the most freedom-oriented signs as far as relationships are concerned. She needs time with her friends (or to do whatever she wants!) and will rebel against feeling trapped, controlled, or feeling like her off-beat ideas are not appreciated. She has more than one Aquarius in her chart, plus a good serving of Sagittarius, which all intensify her need for freedom. You can see why they were attracted to each other though…Eminem’s Mercury (which controls his thoughts) is in Scorpio, which would be intellectually stimulating to Kim. Because of Kim’s Mars in Sagittarius, she could be a bit of a nevous/anxious/tense person if she doesn’t have enough physical activity. It was cool to see so much Libra in Eminem (Mars & Sun sign), which can give him his great taste in music, the finer things in life, and also the fairness that you see in his lyrics, along with his intense thirst for justice which also appears as a theme in his music. His Saturn in Gemini could make him the well-prepared, well-rehearsed rapper who will seldom fail to perform well. With a Jupiter in Capricorn, he will work his ass off for what he wants, and he demands results.

See why astrology is so fun?


I find I have a lot to be grateful for this week.

The feeling of the moist sea breeze on my skin when I go outside.

My budget of $80/week for food still makes me feel like I eat like a king. I love that I can have a few meals a week prepared for me and I am grateful every day for how well I get to eat.

I love that I have a warm shower at home to use anytime I want.

I’m grateful for a boss who actively works on communicating better with me, even when I get frustrated.

I’m grateul for a boyfriend who is busy enough with his own life so that I have the freedom to do the things I love to do. He is my rock, in the sense that I can always come back to find him when I tire of my adventures in the world. I used to think I wanted a boyfriend to share the city life with, but I’m realizing that if he wanted me to go out with him a few nights a week I would not be able to run my businesses and have the impact on other people that I am able to have.

Cheers to how lucky I am at 28 years old, and all that will come of the next year.