Stay or Go

The words
And the misunderstandings
And how much is enough
To push you over the edge
Are we growing or feeding dysfunction
Is it love or fear that keeps us together
Is it love or fear that keeps us apart


People among the trees
Confused about how much junk food it takes
To knock a few years off your life
And life is so long
After dementia
For everyone
Caring for each other
Long before we’re ok and long after
With a lot of freedom in the middle
To taste the dimensions of our world
The contours of a lover’s body
The electricity that flows between
Exploring the structures that surround us
Seeing patterns and delights
Building and destroying
Loving and leaving
A dance of DNA through the ages.

Tired Social Media Behavior

It takes more energy to interact with a single person than with a social media platform (or simply just being on the receiving end of pushed information). Posting something often requires much less thought than engaging a single person. And when a person is tired, it takes less energy to just post something generally and respond to the reactions to that post. It, then, could also be considered lazier, cheaper, and less valuable.

Wondering-Class Inequality

Things I’ve been wondering about…

Class inequality, rich vs. poor.
Are the poor complicit in keeping themselves poor? Or is the power and education differential too great?
What are the responsibilities of the wealthy to support the community and its infrastructure?
In a world of international trade and resource movement, how does loyalty work? Do you care for your home country or let it fall into chaos? Who are the caretakers? What’s in it for them? Who supports them?