Calm between the storms
We are really dancing now
A miracle of two
On the same wavelength
Almost like a reward
For some key level conquered
Surpassing expectation
I’m thrilled by the unfolding
Now that you’ve found what you were looking for,
What are you going to do with it?

Staying Going Community Work

Pondering my next move
Playing it safe or rolling the dice
Mulling over the limitations
And blessings bestowed on me
Wondering if I have a home
Never had a community
Where people could find me consistently
For more than a few years
Wondering if ideas can find my tribe
Scattered across the globe
No use trying to gather us in one place
It may take a village to raise a child
But I’m not joining a commune

Inside Out

Enjoying the diversity
The Russell Brands
I guess I wanted this chapter for myself
Or we all did
Could I have known what my genes would hold for me?
He told me
We all need to learn to trust ourselves again
But with these binary brains it’s always this or that
It’s all a polarity and correcting from one end to the other
Priding ourselves on finding balance
Until you strip the mind of its awareness of poles
And all is one
Being is all
No where to run from
No where to go
It all seems silly
But while we rent space in these brains
Best to play along
Pretend that saving lives is important
Pretend that increasing happiness is spiritual
Because nothing else makes sense in this incarnation
Except that escape does feel more divine

The distillation

Lived a thousand lives in parallel
None felt as right as this one
The patterns manifesting
They start to feel like me
I’m choosing as I go
Yeah this feels right, right now
This is something Christina would do
I’m writing my own story
Or acting in my script
The dualistic
Always moving
Fool for love
Animal friend
Seeker of solitude
Warmed by smiles
In a hurry
Making time