27 weeks

We wrote an offer on a house today

Almost 2.0 years since my last offer

I don’t know why autocorrect thinks I mean 2.0 whenever I type 20

I’m not that high-tech

I barely fit my belly in the booth at the Mexican restaurant today

2 glasses of milk with lunch

Finally I can write about my pregnancy

Today my hips ache and I walk in heavy baby steps to start. Belly strains where it meets the ribs, forcing me to lift my heavy chest for room to breathe.

Bun-bun sits upright, kicking my bladder from time to time

A two pound head of lettuce

Our wood floor has become slippery, not wet, ever since we installed a humidifier. I have to walk with extra care.

We still get cigarette or weed smoke in one side of our apartment almost every night or day. It’s time to leave.

I’m trying to keep my blood pressure low. Today was not a great day for that.