New Structures

How good
Stories of abundance
Feel to me
How real
Anything I desire becomes
How far I feel from
Minute by minute
Except when I remember to
Breaking patterns
Noticing the lattice
The web around me
And making it disappear
By changing my mind
Walking in a new direction

Our Love

Sitting with this moment
Grateful for the face of love you’ve shown me
Surrender, fully present
Two hearts pressing against each other
Dancing to a silent song
We’re the kind of sensitive,
Passionate lovers of life
Whose gifts are first expressed in the bedroom
If only we could make love
To our work, to our families
To our cities, our neighbors
To our countries
The whole earth would glow


That boys want a life full of art too
Don’t be so predictable
Leave a little to the imagination
Stoke the fires of competition
Make them rise to the occasion
Who wants a day just like the last?
Make it better
More playful, delightful, alluring
Resist the routine that hides your passion

Expanding Again

Tangled in a web of suggestions
Hormones surging
If it were only enough to be occupied
Working a JOB
I can’t think of anything worse
Than to leave my womb empty
Another selfish year
Preparedness be damned
Suze Orman would have had me enslaved a year and a half beyond my breaking point
Fuck lust and finances
Temptation and envy and bounty
Who knows where I’d be without blessed spontanaeity?
I’ve become a fan of conscious choosing
So where does this leave me tonight?
In a world where I could live 200 years
And freeze all my eggs,
What’s the rush?
But my body is my experience
So many live just in their heads
They wouldn’t understand
My exploring of the house
But is this just another case of
Wanting something
Before it’s paid for?
Am I the Virgin Madoff
If so, who will pay for my sins?
Am I creating without due process?
Am I animal or am I calculating?
Will the cards decide my path this time?
Is anyone on my side?

Eyesight Improvement Protocol – Test Phase

Here’s the protocol I plan to use over the next 40 days:

1. 15-minutes full body yoga stretches in the morning

2. Exercises in morning when eyes are relaxed, keep them relaxed (Good posture, smile, breathe deeply, flutter blink after each set):
a. UP-DOWN x 8
d. CIRCLES 8-10 each
e. CIRCLES, head tilted up 8-10 each
f. CIRCLES, eyes closed, 8-10 each
g. TILTED CIRCLES, eyes closed 8-10 each
h. Top LEFT-Bottom LEFT-Top Right-Bottom Right, x4 then opposite x4
i. Horizontal 8’s – x8
j. Vertical 8’s – x8
k. Nose-Peripheral, Bridge-Peripheral, 3rd Eye-Peripheral x 4 cycles
l. Total relaxation, blinking, slowly open blinking eyes fully relaxed
m. Cover eyes in darkness 4 minutes, 1 minute to relax arms down then open
n. Close eyes, fingers point toward eyes, 1-2 mins, thumbs point 1-2 mins
o. Solarizing at sunrise and/or sunset
p. 100 near/far fully relaxed

3. 1-2 Times Throughout day
a. Close eyes for 20 seconds, artificially lift mood, look at distant object, remember sharpness, repeat
b. Play blinking game for 5-10 minutes

4. Every hour on the computer, look UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-NEAR-FAR, then palm eyes

5. Night
a. Steam & eucalyptus vapor for 1-2 minutes followed by cold wet paper towels on eyes before bed

6. 4 days on, 3 days off eye exercises

Details, inspired by:

We’re So Far Past Pro-Life

Even pro-lifers use birth control
Every time an egg and a sperm get away
Without meeting in a warm, cozy uterus
Or a warm, cozy petri dish
An angel loses its wings

Why not collect and freeze every cute little wiggling tail?
None down the hatch, now!
One day we may need to populate another planet
Give their Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel
People to go visit

Enough talk about what to do with my stomach’s contents
If you need them so badly, execute me and harvest away!
Or better yet, build an American town, every day, forever
For the 3,700 tiny people you could retrieve and rescue

Not your best plan.
So try setting down your hammer,
And your condemning signs,
And sing a song reminding yourself,
That your own life is worth living.

Love and Loathing in San Francisco

The most frustrating thing is not having the answers
Wandering mapless
Great for an education
But when all is quiet the clock hands tick thunder
When will we be loved?
I loved you and you sent me away spinning
Citing pain
Tell me more about your hurt
The accident
Your wheelchair
The bleeding that stains all your relationships
The journey we must both be on
No one loves for no reason
I fell deep into a love hole and my first love left me there
To prove I could pay my way out
And now you can’t provide it and I can’t manage it
And the feelings of self-loathing
Match the weight of the chains of limitation we were born into
And must now throw off if we are to be truly free

What Have I Become?

Had some fun tonight “summarizing” my professional experience in LinkedIn. I just realized I left out an entire section for “menial labor”, ha.

My professional experience spans quite a few sectors:

Health/Education: I’ve coached collegiate athletics for 5 years at a four-year Division II NCAA state college, advancing several athletes to all-conference, all-region, and national honors as All-American. I’m certified as a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and track & field coach. As a coach, I design and lead workouts and structure team practices and meetings, as well as manage track meets, volunteers, and recruiting.

Business: I’ve dreamed-up and created 2 profitable small businesses in the fields of health and recreation, including managing an office of 12 contractors and all facets of running a small business, from accounting to marketing to HR to operating procedures to interviewing and training.

Science & Technology: I’ve worked in R&D for environmental biotech solutions and department of defense research in academic and commercial settings. I am an excellent small projects manager, awarded by a Top 5 US corporation for my development of a tool to streamline project management in my first year at the company. I also was recognized for my skills in facilitating successful meetings with multiple stakeholders on multi-million dollar projects, and for creating working operating procedures.

Government: For four years I worked closely with a national security consultant/contractor on advancing technology security initiatives involving US Government agencies, financial firms, and VC firms. I also created back-office operating procedures and managed the office and accounting as an administrative assistant.

Communication: I created and hosted an online summit where I conducted live, broadcasted 45-minute interview conference calls of eight Olympic-hopeful athletes in track & field. I’ve maintained a blog since 2006 where I document life lessons-learned, write poetry, social commentary, and updates about ongoing personal experiments.


Menial Labor: Valet Runner, Photo Lab Technician, Janitor, Construction, Warehouse labor, Childcare, Farm labor, Landscaping.