Love Poems


I want to blush in your spotlight
Be held tight in your arms
Polish your weaponry
For slaying the dragons
I’ll serve you soup from my gardens
And warm your body at night
Our love is a fortress
That protects the whole town

(July 04, 2010)

Power of Love

You’ve got a power in you
It’s deep in your eyes
That power is in me
And in every sack of bones

Even when we are apart
I can feel your pain
And I can call across the universe
That I’m holding your shaking hand

I make love to the music
That swims in my body
And lets me hear your call
I just want to be close to you

Our hearts have a pull
Stronger than anything
Einstein could dream

I rest in your warm pulsing insides
And you dive in and out of mine
Romeo and Juliet must have known
Only in death are you truly one

These bodies keep us apart
So we bounce off each other
And resist the pulls that could
Tear us apart

In this wide, wide world
Of illusions and drama
Of jamming square pegs
Into round holes
And pouting when they pop out

All you need is love
It’s been said before
Everything else is false
And ugly
And drives us all apart.

(June 9, 2009)

Ode to the Essences of Love

Fluorescent Color

Green Waterfall

Blinding White Light
A Cat’s Rough Pink Tongue

A Black Trembling Earthquake
Across the Universe

Quiet Romantic

A Breeze
Two Butterflies Dancing

A Song
Words on the phone
A Chord

My Anchor
A Distant Friend

(May 11, 2009)

Make Love with Me

Why can’t we make love all day long?
A wordless exchange
The perfect give and take
A common purpose
A shared goal

Why can’t we speak the same language
When we are talking?
We push all the wrong buttons
And say things we don’t mean.
We are lovers in the bedroom
And strangers on the street.

After all these years
You’d think we’d tire of
Making each other suffer
Why can’t we just make love
All day long?

(December 5, 2008)


Finding Love

Loving the wrong person hurts
At night your loneliness tears you apart
Worse than if you were truly alone
I used to cry myself to sleep
Under the blankets
As if I was two again,
Separated from my mother,
And couldn’t find her anywhere
But my mother symbolized love
And my missing him
Felt like being in the cold, dark, meaningless shadow
Of love’s light
But since you came into my life
And taught me the steadiness
Of true love
I am complete again
At home again
Safe with my mother in plain sight
Cradled in the embrace of God.

(October 25, 2008)


Made for Love

Making love for an hour
Feels indulgent
Barack is in the background
And no one is going shopping

But then on the bus
The golden evening sun
Keeps licking my face
And pressing its warmth against me

The angle of the setting sun
Exposes the hidden beauty
And flaws
Of my city.

Walking home
The cool fall breeze
Keeps running its fingers across me
The bright evening moon stares at me
The silver rings hug my fingers

The ivy plants breathe on me
The purest, sweetest exhalations
And I realize
I was made for love.

(October 8, 2008)


Too Busy

I’m slowly dying
Like a once beautiful houseplant
That had so much potential
You walked by, and,
Seeing my brown tips,
Dumped the rest
Of your coffee at my feet
On your way to the sink.
That was 60 days ago
I’m still thirsty
And you know you should stop
Do the right thing
But there’s still some green left
And you’re sure I’ll last another day or two.
Plants don’t scream like children
Or cling as tightly
But your heart still hurts when you lose one
Because they were in your care
And you vow not to make the same mistakes
Next time you get a plant

(September 9, 2008)


Reality Escapes Me

I want to walk
And breathe
And dance with my eyes closed
I want to love
And share
And experience this life through you

I want to escape
And forget
And live in the now
I want to pulse
And melt
And drip to the floor
I want to spread
And permeate
And be in your body
I want to smell you
Taste you
And steal your warmth.

And I want to fly
Into tomorrow
Where anything I want
Comes true
And live my perfect fantasy
Where you know me
And we speak with the same heart
And we forget
All the years we wasted

Lover, why do we pretend
We are strangers?
I’ve known you always
And yet you hurt me.
You steal my wishes and throw them out the window as you drive
Away, away.

And I am powerless
To chase you
Over that high wall
I can’t even peek in.
And i sit with my back at the wall
Crying and feeling sorry for myself
And then i wander back to
My lonely world where i can create anything
But you.

And more time passes
And i miss you.
And you don’t know
Because you can’t see over that wall
Besides, you’re driving away.
And the farther you get
The less real i am.
Until i don’t exist at all.

And i build my castles
And entertain everyone
With my real stories
That sound like dreams.
And you get close enough
And throw a nickel over the wall.
I pick it up
And rub it without looking
Then throw it over the cliff’s edge
And listen to it bounce
Down, down.

Then i turn around
And charge toward the wall
And pound and pound
With my two fists
Until they are bloody
And scream until
I have no voice.

Then i wonder what would happen if i
just wandered away from the wall
And never came back
And the ivy would cover it
And muffle your screams
And i could roll down the hill
Into an open green meadow
Where the sun
Warms my skin
And the winds
Caress my body
And I dance and sprawl
And shout in ecstasy
That reality has not escaped me.

(May 28, 2008)



Transparent fears
I want to rip them out of you and make them crumble in my fist
Change is so slow when you are waiting for it
When you need it
Open your fucking eyes already
My fear is I will run away
Into the arms of easy shallow love
Before the old dog can learn new tricks
And the masterpiece in progress
Will ly abandoned, half-finished
Drying up on the easel, sparkling under faint streams of dusty golden light
Don’t let your understanding of someone
Or something
Become rigid
Everything can change in an instant
The secret to change
Is to forget the past, ignore the present,
And believe with all your heart it is possible.

(May 5, 2008)


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