One month on a food stamp budget – Week 1

I accepted a challenge to live off $200 for food this month: $25 for the week and $25 on weekends, for my bank accounts and my waistline.

The first day I discovered the local grocery store overcharged me on two items, so that was kind of satisfying to catch that.


On the other hand, my shopping cart looked way emptier after $25 than it had in over a year!

I’ve been, um, resourceful this week since I have other food I am still eating up. I think PB&J and noodles/meat would get old pretty fast otherwise. So I’ve mixed in small chunks of aged cheese for a filling “treat”, or used up my boxed soup for lunch. Cold soup is just as delicious btw!

Today I found protein bars on sale for $1 each so I bought 5. I’m finding I’m getting by on less carbs and more protein.

I’ve also been using my gym’s coffee shop, which is free and less crowded, compared to a chain store for wifi access.

So I’ve avoided a fair amount of extra calories from coffee shops, as well as even in grocery store checkout lines–no more impulse purchases!

Using my wonky bathroom scale I’m around 2 bills tonight, so all the more motivation to continue! I’m still healing from my ankle break, so diet will be key until I can push any vigorous exercise again.

Onto Day 4!

Out and Back

Impressed again
By the persistence of reality as I know it
To journey beyond
Again and again
Returning intact
To a functioning craft
With the same sensors
What is this game?

The luxury of guilt
The privilege of choice
The comforting repetition
Of a world controlled tightly

Stop striving
I tell myself
The whole human race
Wonders if I’m talking to them

I’m an outsider
Until I remember just how linked we all are
The same energy
Buzzing within

Born noble
And pointed
And convinced of our entitlements
We keep dancing with our weary partners

Looking for friends and enemies, fights and causes
Hero’s journeys
Because an idle mind
Is the devil’s playground.

So many characters to encounter.


Wrapped up in the pleasure of one another
A perfect bond
A strong bridge to the tomorrow of our hearts’ dreams for us
And resting in this moment
Happy for the security
Of a common purpose
Strength in numbers
No more weak links