Many Faces

To the world I am many faces
A character for each theater

One face for a close friend
One for a stranger
One for my animal
One for my mother
One for my sister
My father, my brother

If each had equal weight
I’d be a saint and a sinner
A ray of sunshine and a quitter
Impatient and polite
Depressed and always happy

No one knows who you are
Except you
And you can choose which mask to wear
For whom.

A character for school and one for home,
One for work and one for the street
Or one for each person you meet.

We can’t control how others perceive us
So we must decide who we want to be
And let everyone see a piece of that face.


It seems to me there are 2 ways to lead people: through inducing fear or offering love. Both styles can be effective depending on the maturity of those being led. In the long run, an environment of love will produce more freedom and therefore creativity.


I recalled and used a tip yesterday, about when your hair is wet but you need to leave the house, a quick fix is to blow dry & style just the part that frames your face so you don’t look like a total slob.

Worked great!

Hormones and Ambition

I’m wondering if I’ve lost so much testosterone that I don’t feel like acheiving anything athletically anymore? Between the not working out like the beast I used to be, and the now 2 ferilization treatments I’ve gone through to be an egg donor, and the meat-free diet I’ve maintined for 2 years…I don’t know.

I have no athletic ambition currently. I suppose if I were to hit the weights hard again, my ambition might return. But it’s been so nice living pain-free for the past 5 years! What to do, what to do…I’m staying "in-shape" walking around this hilly city everyday, but is it enough?

I feel like I’m at a place mentally where I could finally accomplish some things competitively if I wanted to. If I had the drive.


More Arguments Against Reincarnation

I suppose I am still missing a crucial fact that will inevitably sway me toward an acceptance of reincarnation.

Having said that, here are more things that bother me about that theory.

One argument in favor is that people seem to be inequitably blessed or cursed in life. Some people (I include myself in this category) seem to have many factors aligned in their favor (health, family, talents, opportunity, etc.), while others suffer tremendously at every turn. Reincarnation supposes that those with bad luck somehow earned it by their actions in a prior life, and those with good fortune are being rewarded.

To me, this seems even more unfair than being born under poor circumstances by chance.

I think reincarnation is a way-too-human-centric theory to even be plausible. Most supporters insist that we come back as humans to learn the lessons we didn’t learn the first time around. This is also unfair because the game changes the next time around! How are we to win the race when we are given a new, unfamiliar vehicle to drive each time?

I don’t think the universe exists to systematically teach its parts to recognize the whole. Honestly I have no idea why this ever-expanding and collapsing system exists at all, much less why it has the patience to tolerate millions of years of evolving life-forms.

I am grateful for my experience as a human. It is, from my experience, one of endless introspection, thousands and thousands of days lived in relative comfort, leisure, and appreciation for the vast intricacy of the various levels and forms of energy which I am allowed to observe, sense, and experience. In essence, I am always in awe of my self and my surroundings!

Live your life with your heart and eyes wide open. I believe it is a once-in-an eternity opportunity.

Ode to the Essences of Love

Fluorescent Color

Green Waterfall

Blinding White Light
A Cat’s Rough Pink Tongue

A Black Trembling Earthquake
Across the Universe

Quiet Romantic

A Breeze
Two Butterflies Dancing

A Song
Words on the phone
A Chord

My Anchor
A Distant Friend

Twisted Christianity

My sense is that Bush-style fear propaganda in Christianity is on its way out. Why do I think this? Because I had the nerve to hand back a flyer to a newly-converted evangelical because of these words printed on the front:

“All the other prophets and teachers are dead. But Jesus LIVES!”

The young man and I had a good 30-minute conversation, on the sidewalk in front of the Walgreens on Mission Street, about why it was wrong to print such inflammatory words on a conversion flyer.

My point was that people don’t give their lives to Christ because they think all the other religions are wrong, they do it because at a time of need in their lives, the message Christ delivered so eloquently 2000 years ago, offered hope, salvation, forgiveness, and a new start. It’s the fearful flock leaders, the ignorant and sometimes power-starved ministers and pastors, who preach over and over again to their grateful, hungry and vulnerable followers, the notion that unless someone follows Jesus as their sole prophet & teacher, they are being mislead and will certainly perish in hell.

I think this idea is on its way out for the same reasons that ignorance, ego, and protectionism are going out of vogue in the world. I attribute this to the recent spread of commercial air flight availability, global corporate expansions, and of course, the internet. We simply cannot afford to dismiss the merits of the world’s religions and traditions when they are practiced faithfully by people we know and love, from countries we’ve been to and appreciated. This goes for “alternative” lifestyles and partnerships as well.

You cannot be successful in tommorrow’s (in some places, today’s) world by condemning everything that is not practiced by you or your family. As far as religions go, I’m more and more convinced that all paths do lead to the same ultimate truth, light, one-ness, etc. You just have to have the humility and curiosity to explore the religions for what they have in common. Where they agree, you will find truth. What better scientific proof is there than when seemingly unrelated sources draw the same conclusions?! Where the religions disagree, you must use your best, un-biased logic to determine the value of the teachings.

The Bill Maher-s of the world (super-atheists) are serving as the weight on the other side of the religion scale, balancing those who think every word of the Bible should be taken literally. I sat on his side of the scale for a while, and there is plenty to condemn from his point of view. Religion has brought out the best AND worst in people. On his program tonight, his guests talked about the fact that the US Army has handed out Bibles and tracts with cartoons to citizens of countries we have invaded! Sometimes the cartoons make fun of the other religions’ teachers & prophets. Simply passing out Bibles would be fine, except the message being spread is not one of hope, but a message of “We are right and you are wrong.” Evangelicals need to get back to their roots and speak from their hearts, not from a place of fear.

I have settled somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, realizing that religions exist because they contain crucial information about how to be successful as a species; how to take care of ourselves, so that we can take care of each other. I don’t think it is necessary to throw the baby out with the dirty bathwater. I am very grateful for my upbringing and exposure to the wonderful, transformative message of Christ, and lessons from other prophets and teachers in the New and Old Testament. And I am just as grateful for the lessons I have learned through my own experience, and from the experiences of those in other religions and faiths around the world.

We will have no choice in the next generation but to learn to live as one (like the Beatles song!).