Rest in Peace (3/365)

Success has a price
For every wish
A flame must die

Each one
Who lives to heal the world
Suffers proportionally

The more sensitive you become
The more often you dance with pain

The wider your heart
The bigger the target

But those brave souls
That bear our burden
Are honored in death

As ones who showed what we might become
If we could rise above need and fear.

Proud or Pervert (2/365)

Proud or pervert
Gay or straight
Love or marriage

Male or female
Dyke or fag
Heaven or hell

In or out
Birth or adopt
Ask or tell

City hall or closet.

No on 8
Accept or Tolerate
Phobia, shame
A mother’s dreams

Family rights

Will fuck on the first date

Drag queen
Rainbow sweet
Equality pride

Harvey Milk
Gavin Newsom
San Francisco

Words (1/365)

The sun sets on our conversation
More than a text message,
Thank God.

It’s hard to do the work
that makes a man better

A house is built one brick at a time

When your lives are full
An argument takes time

But words build a relationship

When you’re tired an
impure word might slip out
and put a crack in your foundation

Sometimes it feels like we’re
building the Tower of Babel

How will we ever become one
with God when our words
keep confusing the way?

365 Challenge

Okay, I’ve seen more than one blog now doing a 365 challenge – Hana/Mike are writing something they are grateful for every day for a year, and I saw Mel was doing a photo a day for a year, so, inspired by them and the Pulitzer prize-winning poet W.S. Merwin, my goal is to write a poem a day for 365 days. As my roommate (who is also a writer) said, even if you write 30 poems, odds are 1 or 2 might be worth reading. Let’s hope so….enjoy!

Marriage – Making It


I just returned from helping my parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary last week. I suppose that is a milestone in a country where over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Watching “Jon & Kate Plus 8” last night, and “18 Kids and Counting,” made me appreciate the value of an upbringing rooted in religious values.

I have no illusions that my parents were perfect; in fact, there were times growing up I wanted them to get a divorce. But their faith in God always brought them back together for the sake of the FAMILY, not just for the sake of the KIDS. They shared a belief that their marriage was before God, and that their commitment was worth every sacrifice.

Like many others all over the country, I watched the Jon & Kate Plus 8 series unfold over the years with a knot in my stomach. I never quite understood fully what was going on until they did a recap, showing a scene from the early years, where Kate was explaining that, while the way she and Jon communicated was not respectful or pleasant, it got the job done. And they didn’t have TIME to work on it.

That said everything to me. I suppose a good marriage counselor could teach a couple how to communicate efficiently AND respectfully. This couple drained their “trust account” with each other by letting the other person get away with disrespectful behavior, one word at a time.

In contrast, the follow-up show was the “18 Kids & Counting” show about a very religious family in Arkansas, whose parents are NOT getting a divorce. When you look at the way they communicate with each other, it is with the utmost respect and kindness. I’m sure we don’t see all the imperfections, but we don’t have to, to know that this is a more effective way of keeping a relationship strong and healthy.

It’s not too late for Jon & Kate or anyone out there to learn to assert themselves in a respectful manner. From my experience, reacting to others emotionally versus communicating respectfully in the interest of the OTHER person is a VERY difficult habit to break, but absolutely necessary for any person wanting a mature adult relationship.

Even my parents have not learned this technique, but at least they were able to default to a power higher than themselves when an argument occurred. Rather than thinking, “I have been hurt, I must protect myself or I must protect my kids“, they thought “I must protect my family, it’s what God wants.” Big difference.

Maybe Law

In contemplating my future today, I decided to look into studying law. I think that may be where I can be most of use to my country’s people. As we have seen this past year, people’s actions take place under the quiet watch of the law. When our nation’s laws concerning fair business interactions are eroded by special interests, the foundation is removed for stable society.

I must now find the right school and time. Take me there.

Power of Love

You’ve got a power in you
It’s deep in your eyes
That power is in me
And in every sack of bones

Even when we are apart
I can feel your pain
And I can call across the universe
That I’m holding your shaking hand

I make love to the music
That swims in my body
And lets me hear your call
I just want to be close to you

Our hearts have a pull
Stronger than anything
Einstein could dream

I rest in your warm pulsing insides
And you dive in and out of mine
Romeo and Juliet must have known
Only in death are you truly one

These bodies keep us apart
So we bounce off each other
And resist the pulls that could
Tear us apart

In this wide, wide world
Of illusions and drama
Of jamming square pegs
Into round holes
And pouting when they pop out

All you need is love
It’s been said before
Everything else is false
And ugly
And drives us all apart.