4th of July

Noticing that this time of year brings me courage and resolve

Keeping in mind the rules of thumb: relaxing the body can reduce stress, just as stress can tense the body

The breakthrough: I have a pattern of recklessness — living on the edge. Pushing myself too far. Failing too often. Not practicing self-care. No buffers. No backups. Time to adjust. Time to become sustainable.

Feeling grateful for a partner. A super dance partner.

Realizing to be a artist you must simply make art. Most won’t.

Realizing I’m a late bloomer. Assuming I bloom. My life may be the blossom.

Grateful to be an American. Part of the Great Experiment.

Hoping I can become more conscious, more rooted, more me.

Realizing what poor shape I am in, and what it takes to sustain bodily discipline.


Curious about economic growth. Wondering if capitalism is merely a function of resources. As resources become more scarce, maybe socialism and communism make more sense. Maybe resources are becoming more scarce.