I Still Need Exercise (154/365)

For every action
An equal and opposite re-action
So high on kiddie crack
I ran to the gym
And now I am depleted

I love lifting heavy weights
When my mind has outrun my body
Both need exercise to thrive
If only I could contrive
A more perfect system

Where I plan
My mind’s and body’s work
Then food and drugs
Won’t rule my life
And peace might come more naturally

Sputtering (153/365)

I guess I feel like a bottle rocket
That spiraled out of trajectory
And hit a wall
All this fire
All this energy
If properly directed
Would’ve shot to the moon
And burst out in glory
Where it could have been admired
For its speed and drive
And the heights it reached
While its dying embers bathed in moonlight
But instead it sputters and spins and wastes its power
In ten different directions
Panicking and causing fear
Before dying a dud
Thank God for a boyfriend and friends on the ground
So I know which way is up

The Process (152/365)

Find joy in the process
There are no mistakes
Though you don’t know the end of each path that you take
Give thanks even though your testing seems long
In darkness remember a song

Trust in the process
That brought you this far
Come sunny days, fog, rain, or cold 
And when you are tried and purified
You will shine like a medal of gold

Adapted for my Athletes from “Rejoice in the Lord” Hymnal, 1978

Work in Progress (151/365)

Delicious temptation
To run and not look back
Full speed until heart attack
Smoke lungs until black
Sweet escape
In a fast song
A swig of muscat
A fork on your tongue
To be one with the moment
One with the future
Slave to an idea
Trapped in your words
Men aren’t born perfect
We all need training
Don’t be lazy
But don’t go crazy

Growing Up (150/365)

Easily excitable
I still kill spiders
This too will pass
I assure him firmly
So sensitive as children
We avoid and defend
Far past our youth
When will I grow up

This music that feeds me
A bold melody
Layered over anger
Passion lofting soaring
Escaping the past
Confrontation and defeat
Wealth and pride
My destiny and birthright

Blessed Again (146/365)

Relying on God or trusting your instinct for life?
I knew I would be taken care of at the last minute
So I was
Is the energy wasted when I throw it around?
All I know is I will live to see another day
My destiny is success
So I succeed without a fuss
Blessed again today
And open to the inner workings