Not time

If you really loved your life
You wouldn’t just sleep with other projects!
If only you could wake up
To the opportunity that has been so obviously in front of your face all along
You would have purpose
You’d be happy
Because there’s only one!
One life’s mission
You only get one
So stop whoring around already
And cheating on the dream you already know about but are choosing to hide from because it’s so
Not unlike your EGO
Besides, the kids are counting on you to leave them a better tomorrow
Think of the children!
So turn up the pressure
And don’t dare take a night off
The history books are waiting
Follow me follow me follow me follow me
Follow the yellow brick road
But since things are just us, inside out
I’m aching to know what money is
What the computers will tell us
And whose prodding voice it is that haunts my idle moments
This is decidedly not the time
To rashly go saving the world