Valentine and my favorite color, Resolutions and Mistakes

Seeing Red
Just a little reminder to wear red tomorrow, and notice how nice everyone (men) treat you when you do! It’s astounding really, how much “help” you get and how many new “friends” a woman can make with a red dress or red lipstick :-)

Today is my third consecutive day following my NYR exercise plan. I’m stoked. It’s 13 days into February and I’ve finally worked in what I’ve been wanting to do, according to plan. I think people give up way too soon on their NYRs, and so making resolutions gets a bad rap. The point is, if change were easy you wouldn’t need to resolve to do different. To successfully change, you must be tenacious and persistent in incorporating change, for AS LONG AS IT TAKES. I’ve had some items on my NYR list for three years or more. Those things inform me of that my priorities and limitations are, and that’s okay too. But it feels really good achieving 75% of what I set out to do. Solid “C”, heh. For “Change.”

The older I get the more I understand the growth process of trial and error, and learn to have patience with my and others’ process. I’m nearly 34 and the universe is still telling me to “Slow Down,” a lifelong challenge for a Fire Aries I’m sure. Hit the racquetball easier. Finesse those backboard shots. Think before you speak and choose the right words. Look around you. Take time for small details. Ask questions.