Mind Dump

You’ve got to kiss lots of frogs
To enjoy the taste of a prince
And don’t worry about being good at sex
Cause some people click and sometimes you don’t
And that’s okay
Dancing is a good indicator though
And it doesn’t hurt to study a few tutorial videos
But I’m getting off track
Shouldn’t I be concerned about more important things?
Anyone can learn the everyday stuff with years of trial and error
But not all have a mind that can amass and assess and communicate
And energy to drive massive change
At a time when the world is crying for massive change
Or rather crying due to massive change?
Maybe the world should follow my lead
And just not react right now
Take a breather
Information, lifestyle, weather, money, leadership, education, technology is changing so fast right in front of us
And we want to lasso this wild horse
Before she gets away
And leaves us in her dust
But if my professor was right
We are just on the brink of a very wild ride
So if you’re wise you won’t panic
You’ll form alliances
And spend time with loved ones
And jump on that surfboard when the time is right
Because fears must be examined for projection
And their cyclical nature
We’re due for an ice age
But like Lil Wayne warned you
Don’t go around fire expecting not to get burned