Simplicity Musings

We wish things were more complicated sometimes
The truth is usually simple
Humans and the objects they control behave in predictable ways
Always in line with motivating forces
Which are themselves routine
We are good at creating narratives
Which serve our interests
By creating veils of confusion
Behind which some wizard pulls strings randomly
Wealth is not a mystery
Nor are the relationships which blossom and fail and puzzle those whose expectations were built on foundations of ignorance
Knock and doors open
Seek and you’ll find
There’s no magic mindset that takes you to another level
That what swindlers sell you when they’ve decided you’re not ready for the truth,
But want a pill to swallow to make the pain go away.
At your lowest moment, they’ll show you the shortcut, in exchange for a large sum. The price of which will cost you your dreams, for a time
Ignorance detention
The universe always shows you the temptingly comfortable wrong way before you level up, to make sure you are dedicated to the difficult, repulsive right way.
And so it goes…