Expanding Again

Tangled in a web of suggestions
Hormones surging
If it were only enough to be occupied
Working a JOB
I can’t think of anything worse
Than to leave my womb empty
Another selfish year
Preparedness be damned
Suze Orman would have had me enslaved a year and a half beyond my breaking point
Fuck lust and finances
Temptation and envy and bounty
Who knows where I’d be without blessed spontanaeity?
I’ve become a fan of conscious choosing
So where does this leave me tonight?
In a world where I could live 200 years
And freeze all my eggs,
What’s the rush?
But my body is my experience
So many live just in their heads
They wouldn’t understand
My exploring of the house
But is this just another case of
Wanting something
Before it’s paid for?
Am I the Virgin Madoff
If so, who will pay for my sins?
Am I creating without due process?
Am I animal or am I calculating?
Will the cards decide my path this time?
Is anyone on my side?