We’re So Far Past Pro-Life

Even pro-lifers use birth control
Every time an egg and a sperm get away
Without meeting in a warm, cozy uterus
Or a warm, cozy petri dish
An angel loses its wings

Why not collect and freeze every cute little wiggling tail?
None down the hatch, now!
One day we may need to populate another planet
Give their Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel
People to go visit

Enough talk about what to do with my stomach’s contents
If you need them so badly, execute me and harvest away!
Or better yet, build an American town, every day, forever
For the 3,700 tiny people you could retrieve and rescue

Not your best plan.
So try setting down your hammer,
And your condemning signs,
And sing a song reminding yourself,
That your own life is worth living.