Eyesight Improvement Protocol – Test Phase

Here’s the protocol I plan to use over the next 40 days:

1. 15-minutes full body yoga stretches in the morning

2. Exercises in morning when eyes are relaxed, keep them relaxed (Good posture, smile, breathe deeply, flutter blink after each set):
a. UP-DOWN x 8
d. CIRCLES 8-10 each
e. CIRCLES, head tilted up 8-10 each
f. CIRCLES, eyes closed, 8-10 each
g. TILTED CIRCLES, eyes closed 8-10 each
h. Top LEFT-Bottom LEFT-Top Right-Bottom Right, x4 then opposite x4
i. Horizontal 8’s – x8
j. Vertical 8’s – x8
k. Nose-Peripheral, Bridge-Peripheral, 3rd Eye-Peripheral x 4 cycles
l. Total relaxation, blinking, slowly open blinking eyes fully relaxed
m. Cover eyes in darkness 4 minutes, 1 minute to relax arms down then open
n. Close eyes, fingers point toward eyes, 1-2 mins, thumbs point 1-2 mins
o. Solarizing at sunrise and/or sunset
p. 100 near/far fully relaxed

3. 1-2 Times Throughout day
a. Close eyes for 20 seconds, artificially lift mood, look at distant object, remember sharpness, repeat
b. Play blinking game for 5-10 minutes

4. Every hour on the computer, look UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-NEAR-FAR, then palm eyes

5. Night
a. Steam & eucalyptus vapor for 1-2 minutes followed by cold wet paper towels on eyes before bed

6. 4 days on, 3 days off eye exercises

Details, inspired by: