What Have I Become?

Had some fun tonight “summarizing” my professional experience in LinkedIn. I just realized I left out an entire section for “menial labor”, ha.

My professional experience spans quite a few sectors:

Health/Education: I’ve coached collegiate athletics for 5 years at a four-year Division II NCAA state college, advancing several athletes to all-conference, all-region, and national honors as All-American. I’m certified as a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and track & field coach. As a coach, I design and lead workouts and structure team practices and meetings, as well as manage track meets, volunteers, and recruiting.

Business: I’ve dreamed-up and created 2 profitable small businesses in the fields of health and recreation, including managing an office of 12 contractors and all facets of running a small business, from accounting to marketing to HR to operating procedures to interviewing and training.

Science & Technology: I’ve worked in R&D for environmental biotech solutions and department of defense research in academic and commercial settings. I am an excellent small projects manager, awarded by a Top 5 US corporation for my development of a tool to streamline project management in my first year at the company. I also was recognized for my skills in facilitating successful meetings with multiple stakeholders on multi-million dollar projects, and for creating working operating procedures.

Government: For four years I worked closely with a national security consultant/contractor on advancing technology security initiatives involving US Government agencies, financial firms, and VC firms. I also created back-office operating procedures and managed the office and accounting as an administrative assistant.

Communication: I created and hosted an online summit where I conducted live, broadcasted 45-minute interview conference calls of eight Olympic-hopeful athletes in track & field. I’ve maintained a blog since 2006 where I document life lessons-learned, write poetry, social commentary, and updates about ongoing personal experiments.


Menial Labor: Valet Runner, Photo Lab Technician, Janitor, Construction, Warehouse labor, Childcare, Farm labor, Landscaping.