Day 1/30: 20/20 vision naturally

So I’m now super stoked to try my eye experiment again. Back in August of last year I tried to restore my -3.5/-1.25 vision back to 20/20, with zero success. But I realized afterward that I had done it all wrong. I had focused on EXERCISING my way back to good vision, rather than RELAXING my way back to good vision.

I have a feeling that learning to RELAX and doing this experiment correctly will also help me with my “Achieve orgasm within 5 minutes” experiment as well ;-)

I imagine the energy of RELAXATION will also help me with my “Stop pulling out and breaking my hair” 2012 Mission/Resolution.


I’m going to do some eye relaxation exercises tonight before bed, then start a routine tomorrow, which also involves not wearing glasses/contacts for another month (except while driving, of course).

Will refine the “routine” as I go so that I can offer it to you later as something that works. Will set my eye appointment for the end of April so I can verify the results.