Brain Dump

Tonight watched some great short films by local filmmakers at Excelsior Branch Library. Two stood out: One was about a semi-violent tradition in the Bolivian Andes amongst natives and the converted Christian natives who condemn it, and one was about how much Fresno sucks and that the only redeeming thing about being raised in one of the three worst places to raise children in the US was the fact that once you made it through high school by entertaining yourself with sex and drugs that you had a strong appreciation for how cool other places are and you develop a sense of creativity to cope with the concrete, bleakness, and nothingness given to you. Oh! The other film I appreciated was called White Walls, about a local club manager-turned-cdrug-dealer-turned-art-gallery-owner-turned-convicted-drug-dealer-turned-even-more-successful-gallery-owner. That was quite a cool true story.

Life continues its strange trip. I’m in the middle of a phase of experimentation (aren’t I always?) with livelihood and relationships. The subjects I find myself drawn to currently include: leadership, success, spiritual wealth building, astrology, polyamory/monogamy/orgasm/birth control/pregnancy, connectivity/relationships, and social science. Wtf.

I’m being more and more moved to stop my compulsive hair-picking. I’m thinking at this point I will need some kind of barrier separation for a good 7-28 days, as it’s turned into quite an automatic habit. I think I will start by fixing my hair very nicely early every morning, starting tomorrow.

Next on the agenda, getting rid of sore throat that is looming. Sleep! Water! Vitamins!

Then, getting paperwork organized for taxes, filing, etc. There’s quite a backup at this point. I have a feeling the pace of life will really pick up in the next 30 days.

Really been enjoying my newest relationship, so far, fits like a glove. Ahhh, how nice.

Studied up more on javelin and discus technique tonight. I’m committed to mastering the art of coaching these events a bit more. They are still complex to me, which means my understanding is not full yet. Excited to do some deeper training this year with some good coaches later on.

I’m becoming more and more aware of just how little can be “accomplished” some days, in my personal list of to-dos. It is amazing that with eating, sleeping, and obligations to others that the amount of stuff you can advance on the side by yourself is quite minuscule. But maybe that is pronounced by my virus-induced lethargy today. Had enough energy to sweep the mess my cat made toppling a house plant to the other side of my room. That was about it.