More Experiments: Armpits, Birth Control, G-Spot, and 20/20 (TMI Warning)

So with my dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free experiment behind me, I’ve got about three experiments ongoing…and one in the pipeline.

1)No more aluminum anti-perspirant or cooking with aluminum foil. I made baked sweet potatoes slices last night without foil, and whaddya know they turned out fantastic (and probably got some extra iron from the pan). Just sprayed a little extra Pam on the baking sheet and everything came off just fine. Not wearing aluminum-based deodorant has been my biggest resistance so-far. But in the spirit of eliminating heavy metals, it’s gotta go eventually. I’m using lavender Crystal Essence spray this week. So far, smelling fine. I just have to put up with the actually perspiring part. Like an animal. ;-)

2) Natural “birth control” lunaception, lining up periods with moon cycles using mother nature and light. I barely had any period last month, and prior to that it came right with the full moon. A bit concerning, but, hooray! It came this week, and closer to the new moon this time. I hope by next month it will come right on the new moon, so that peak fertility will line up with the full moon, which should make it much easier to practice not getting pregnant without the use of hormones.

3) Orgasm within 5 minutes of sex. TMI warning, again, you probably should have stopped reading at the last paragraph to be honest if you were worried about that! I realized that this outrageous goal I made for myself on a whim a couple months ago should be acccomplished via G-spot orgasm, not clitoral, which is kind of cheating and much easier in my opinion. So, step one is first having a vaginal orgasm. Why I put this off for nearly 32 years I don’t know. The first step was googling it and getting some pointers (Oh! It’s *supposed* to feel like you’re going to pee! Headslap), then experimenting. Yes, I could have gone to see a therapist or done some paid group work but I suppose I still am, at the core, too cheap and independent for that right now. It may resort to that, I’ll give it another couple of weeks ;-) Suffice it to say this is one of my more fun experiments. And, yes, I have enough free help with this one. Thanks for asking. ;-p

Finally, I will probably begin my 20/20 without glasses vision experiment again soon. If, for no other reason than that I’m wearing 2-week contacts that are 3-4 months old and they’re starting to get uncomfortable. Heh.