New Art!

Thought I would post my “Graphic Art” projects, if I may be so bold as to call it that! These are things I made to communicate something. More Art here.

This one has been up on my wall for over a year to remind me to chill out amidst chaos and remember what kind of life I really want!


This one I had to make to communicate my dislike for toe socks/shoes. I’m sorry, but certain parts of the body just look better naked or totally clothed-over.


The value of persistence! (I believe it demonstrates total commitment, which is the strongest force in the universe!)


A visual I got one time when I was meditating:


What I painted on my lower stomach this year for an Easter Party, just to be festive ;-)


A provocative statement. Just got done dating someone who wanted to force a commitment on me. Ug. Hate that. Insecurity is not sexy.

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Best 2012 End of the World Kit!!

I had this idea to make everyone I love an end-of-the-world kit this year with stuff my friends make that I totally love. Unfortunately, my finances didn’t align in time to gift, so here is a virtual kit, feel free to order what you need for yourself!


End of the World Kit

If it was good enough for (the end of) the Mayans, it’s good enough for (the end of) us!

The world is ending, go out with the best, most sacred healthy, RAW chocolate IN THE WORLD. One small bite of the Amazonian raw heart is to kill, I mean die for. Plus, it’s made and blessed by a minister of the sacred heart, the amazing Sacred Steve, so it’s extra zombie protection.

Have a little Cockfidence!

It’s the end of the world, might as well go out with a bang! Yeah, those are my hot friends on the cover. Get your groove on too!


Express Yourself!

Always wanted to paint your body green but didn’t know what your boss might think about it? It’s the end of the world! Now’s the time to do it! Here’s a book my friends made with some inspiration!


Fuel up to Run From Zombies!!

Delicious raw energy food – order a bunch now so you won’t have to waste precious time pillaging stores later! Zombies hate healthy food like Lydia Organics green crackers or Kale Krunch in dairy-free cheezy or chocolate too…nom nom nom


Hope you enjoyed! Love you and have fun in the new Era :-)

Me Being a Cat


A rather sad and uncomfortable moment in my life, some months ago. Prompted me to buy a sketchpad for the first time since childhood. Life is beautiful.

“Who is this irresistible creature that has an insatiable love for the dead?”

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