New Art!

Thought I would post my “Graphic Art” projects, if I may be so bold as to call it that! These are things I made to communicate something. More Art here.

This one has been up on my wall for over a year to remind me to chill out amidst chaos and remember what kind of life I really want!


This one I had to make to communicate my dislike for toe socks/shoes. I’m sorry, but certain parts of the body just look better naked or totally clothed-over.


The value of persistence! (I believe it demonstrates total commitment, which is the strongest force in the universe!)


A visual I got one time when I was meditating:


What I painted on my lower stomach this year for an Easter Party, just to be festive ;-)


A provocative statement. Just got done dating someone who wanted to force a commitment on me. Ug. Hate that. Insecurity is not sexy.