Fast Thoughts

So how much acid do I have to drop
Before I decide the world would be better off
With sleeker computer screens,
Burning off that fruit juice?

Wears out the engine early
But it drives real fast.
Adam, I have an Apple,
Would you care to take a bite?

But I’m named Christina,
So unfortunately I’ll lack ambition
And love to eat meat.
That big brain,
Always overheating

Now! It’s time to fight (climate) change.
You can’t put an ROI on that.
Some things money can’t buy,
Like a perfect little planet
Where we consume with no consequences.

Yes CO2 is a threat,
But after that, an ice age.
We can’t stop all the machines from running.
They help us help each other
Dig deeper into cyberspace,
Where we can mine for coins for a bit,
Leave the material world behind.
Find that Unobtanium.

The earth doesn’t need us anyway.
She wanted all our thoughts,
And now she can aggregate them,
Keep them longer than they’ll do any good.
And here we thought aliens had bodies.

Hedonism might be dying.
We’re turning Japanese,
I really think so.
So you wanna Bonnie and Clyde through this life?
Or live to tell the story?